4 ways to deal with a laptop that is hot fast

Jaka will give special tips in overcoming excessive laptop overheating. Let's just discuss, here are 4 ways to deal with a laptop that heats up quickly:

Those of you who have a laptop with mediocre specifications to the point of gahar will still be worried about the laptop if it happens overheating or is it too hot? How to treat a laptop can affect the heat of a laptop that you use.

Well, here ApkVenue will give special tips in dealing with laptops overheating excess. Let's just discuss, here are 4 ways to deal with a laptop that heats up quickly:

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4 Ways to Overcome a Laptop that Heats Fast

1. Use the Best Cooling Pad

Use cooling pad There are many ways to reduce the heat quickly on laptops today. Cooling pad itself is a device that lowers the temperature of a laptop by blowing or sucking hot temperatures from inside the laptop body using a small fan which is usually placed just below the laptop device.

We should also pay attention to a few things before using cooling pad such as fan position, fan airflow, and body position cooling pad to be more efficient in overcoming the laptop heat quickly.

2. Use Steady Vacuum Cooler Technology

Not many people know about this technology. Vacuum Cooler is a tool that functions the same as cooling pad but vacuum cooler itself is more efficient because this tool is placed right next to the laptop fan's hot air outlet. Ways of working vacuum cooler like a fan exhaust which sucks the heat.

So, vacuum cooler more efficient because it directly sucks heat on the laptop which makes the laptop fan continue to provide new air to cool the laptop itself.

3. Use a Laptop Temperature Monitoring Application

The third solution is to use a laptop temperature monitoring application. Well, this is the way to avoid laptops overheating. When the temperature of the laptop is monitored, you can turn off the laptop so that it returns to its normal temperature first. You yourself can use a laptop temperature monitoring application such as HWiNFO or SpeedFan.

HWiNFO which can access almost all sensors owned by a computer/laptop. This application can display temperature hardware the most complete compared software other. Meanwhile, the advantage of SpeedFan is that it is able to display a graph of an increase or decrease in temperature hardware.

Download HWiNFO here

Download SpeedFan on JalanTikus

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4. Avoid Using Heavy Apps

Well, for those of you who have a laptop with ordinary specifications, don't force your laptop to use heavy applications such as playing games high-end and heavy applications like Adobe Collection. Use these applications wisely and well because you are the one who determines whether your laptop will use it overheating or not. If you want to use it, don't use the application or game for a long time.

That's 4 ways to deal with a laptop that heats up quickly. I hope this article helps you all to overcome overheating on your laptop. If you want to add, write in the comments column below yes.

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