10 hidden features of miui 8 that you must know

You must know, what are the hidden features of MIUI 8 that can be used. Guaranteed, these features will maximize your use of Xiaomi smartphones.

Who isn't crazy about their smartphone? Xiaomi? After succeeding in the previous version of MIUI, now it's MIUI 8's turn to display its best performance. Do you know some hidden features of this MIUI 8? This cellphone made by a Chinese manufacturer is indeed never finished innovating, and the most pleasant thing is that the price is too cheap. In addition, the features presented are also very abundant.

Of course you already know that at this time, Xiaomi has released MIUI 8 as the interface it uses. Just so you know, it turns out that there are many hidden features presented by MIUI 8. And, of course, you must know this.

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10 MIUI 8 Hidden Features You Should Know

1. Second Space

One of the unique features presented by MIUI 8 is Second Space. This feature gives you the opportunity to create two profiles on one smartphone so you can create various secret things in one of the profiles you create like Windows. Interesting right?

2. Long Screenshot

In addition, the hidden features of MIUI 8 made by this Chinese smartphone manufacturer are long screenshot. Of course this feature is very useful if you want to do screenshots on certain websites or pages that are quite long. You just need to hold on volume down button and power button, then select an option to do that.

3. Video Editing

This one is quite interesting, because MIUI 8 offers access to video editing on its default Gallery application. By using this feature, you can add filters, subtitles, audio, and so on here. Interesting right? In fact, it's not that hard to do it either.

4. Dual Apps

Maybe now you can only use one application in one smartphone. However, with the arrival of Xiaomi phones running the latest interface systems, you can have access to install dual app at once in one HP. Don't use it as an excuse for cheating!

5. Complete Converter Application!

Some Android smartphones definitely have a feature to convert something. However, unlike MIUI 8, converter app offered is a version with extraordinary features. You can convert length, area, temperature, velocity and mass. Cool isn't it?

6. Templates on Background

In the past, see background a smartphone must seem so boring. Fortunately, now Xiaomi smartphones can make it even cooler. Yes, another hidden feature that you should know is that you can embed templates on background. Interesting huh?

7. Hide Note

When you make an important note in the Notes app, you probably don't want anyone to see it. Well, one of the advanced features of MIUI 8 is that you can hide notes by holding the note, then select Hide.

8. Birthday Alarm

One that you may never expect in your life. Well, by using MIUI 8 on the latest Xiaomi smartphone, you can install the song "Happy Birthday" in the application Clock default. So, on your birthday, your smartphone will play the song. This feature is suitable for singles.

9. Quick Ball

To use this feature, Android smartphones generally use third-party applications. If on MIUI 8, you can already operate Quick Ball by default. This way, you can use shortcuts as Home, Menu, Lock, Screenshot, and Back. It's like the iPhone.

10. Schedule SMS

The last feature that according to Jaka is the most up-to-date is that you can make SMS schedule. This feature gives you access to do schedule when using the app Messaging. So, you will not be late again if you want to contact someone. You can schedule it the day before sending SMS.

That's 10 MIUI 8 hidden features that you must know, as reported by Beebom. Have any of you tried all its features on a Xiaomi smartphone? Write your opinion in the comments column.