how to shop using online and offline funds!

Are you still using conventional wallets nowadays? Just switch to electronic money, gang. Here's how to use the full DANA app!

Talking about financial technology, you must be familiar with what is called an electronic wallet or e-wallet.

There are many electronic wallets that you can use, one of which is DANA app. You can make transactions online and offline using DANA.

Have you used an e-wallet application, gang?

If not, here is Jaka's way to use DANA so you don't have to bother carrying a thick wallet everywhere. Come on, see more!

What is DANA and how to use it

For those of you who are still confused about how to use DANA, please read this article carefully, gang!

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What is FUND?

Before Jaka tells you how to use DANA, you must know what a DANA electronic wallet is.

Electronic money itself is a type of money used in internet transactions through electronic devices.

Like other electronic money, you can save money in electronic form in DANA to make transactions.

DANA Application This can be used to make electronic transactions for various services such as credit, electricity, water, and more.

You can use the DANA application to shop online or offline, gang.

Why offline? Did you say online electronic money?

Have you ever seen people make payments by scanning through their cellphones at restaurants in malls? They are conducting transactions via electronic money.

DANA has various merchant as a payment cooperation in an online application. These applications include Bukalapak, Sepulsa, Tix ID, and others.

To use DANA electronic money, you must register and top-up online. Let's see the full way!

How to Use DANA on HP

Registering with DANA is quite easy, gang. You just have to download the application at Jalan Tikus, then follow all the steps given in the application.

After you have the application and the account, let's see the full method here:

How to Top-Up DANA

To be able to make transactions at DANA, you must top-up so you can have electronic money in the application.

The method is as follows:

Step 1 - Click on the 'Top up' sign at the top of the screen.

Step 2 - Choose a method to top up

  • You can top up via debit cards, bank transfers, and through agents. Then, you just have to follow the payment instructions in the application.

Step 3 - Your money will be added automatically to your account.

How to Shop on the DANA App

Well, the first is how to use the DANA application for online shopping. You can make purchases in the DANA application or through merchant.

In the DANA application itself, you can shop for all services such as electricity, water, credit, and others.

Check how here:

Step 1 - Open the DANA app and click See All.

Step 2 - Select the service you want.

  • Make payments in the application by following the payment steps provided.

Step 3 - Your payment is made using DANA electronic money.

How to Shop Offline Using DANA

If you want to shop at the store offline like restaurants in malls, you can also pay using the DANA application.

Not all restaurants provide a method of payment using DANA, make sure you ask or see the DANA sign first.

To make payments using DANA, you just need to bring your cellphone. Here's how to pay offline using DANA:

Step 1 - Open the DANA application, then click Scan

Step 2 - Scan the QR Code given by the waiter/cashier

Step 3 - Make payment.

  • Payment is complete when a successful notification is given on your cellphone. Make sure your internet is stable during payment.

That's how to use the DANA application on your cellphone online and offline, it's easy not to make transactions with electronic money.

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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