go-pay vs ovo: who is the king of Indonesian fintech?

Who is the king of Indonesian FinTech, GO-PAY or OVO? Check out the full review of GO-PAY vs OVO from JalanTikus below.

The emergence of electronic wallet services or e-wallet, GO-PAY and OVO managed to steal the attention of the Indonesian people.

How not, both of them provide payment services cashless by spreading discounts, cashback and also massive promos every day.

GO-PAY and OVO are also mentioned as the king of FinTech Indonesia. So, if we compare the two, who is the winner? Which one is better?

For more details, see the following Jaka article.


Currently, GO-PAY and OVO are the two most popular FinTechs in the country. It could be said that these two were the king of FinTech Indonesia.

Now let's talk a little about GO-PAY and OVO and their advantages and disadvantages.


according to GO-JEK official website, GO-PAY is an electronic money or digital wallet or digital wallet that you can use to pay for various services, one of which is the GO-JEK service.

GO-PAY's excellent features include:

  • Make payment transactions for all services in the GO-JEK application

  • Make payment transactions for merchant or stores that have collaborated with GO-PAY

  • There are GO-POINTS, every time you make a payment transaction via GO-PAY you will get tokens that can be exchanged for points to get interesting promos.

In addition, GO-PAY users are also divided into two categories, namely:

  • Unregistered, GO-PAY balance up to IDR 2 million.

  • Registered, GO-PAY balance up to IDR 10 million.

Can be used to make all GO-JEK payments (GO-RIDE, GO-CAR, GO-FOOD, GO-SEND, GO-PULSA, etc.)Top-Up via merchant and the bank is subject to admin fees
Can be used to pay for transactions at outlets that cooperate with GO-JEKCannot transfer between banks
Top-up balance via GO-JEK Driver is free of admin fees-
Can withdraw cash-


according to OVO official websiteOVO is a versatile, simple, instant and safe payment application that can be used for all your financial transactions.

There are two features provided by OVO, namely:

  • Payment, ease of transactions and payments for all your needs with OVO.

  • Points, loyalty rewards that OVO users get every time they transact on various platforms merchant OVO partners and can be reused as a means of payment throughout merchant OVO partner (1 OVO Point = Rp1).

You can get Ovo Points if you merchant is currently working with Ovo and providing cashback.

Like the Tokopedia buying and selling application, if you shop at Tokopedia using OVO, you will get cashback lol, gang!

In addition, the types of membership or OVO customers are also grouped into:

  • OVO Club - OVO Cash balance up to IDR 2 million.
  • OVO Premier - OVO Cash balance up to IDR 10 million
Free Transfer to all Banks (OVO Premier)Can't withdraw cash
Merchant who work together moreIf not upgrade to OVO Premier, the features you will get are limited
Can transfer between banks-
Cashback OVO can be up to 60%-
Apps Utilities PT Visionet Internasional DOWNLOAD

Overall GO-PAY and OVO Comparison

For a more complete comparison of GO-PAY and OVO, just see the explanation below.

1. Features and Services

In terms of features and services, both GO-PAY and OVO are almost the same. Both can be used to pay for online motorcycle taxis.

GO-PAY can be used to pay for GO-JEK, while OVO is to pay for GRAB BIKE and GRAB CAR.

The following is a comparison of GO-PAY vs OVO transaction services.

All services in the Grab applicationAll services in the GO-JEK application
CreditBPJS Health
Data PackageGoogle Play Voucher Code
PostpaidGame Vouchers
BPJS HealthCable TV & Internet
Environmental FeeCredit
Shop at a cooperating Online StoreShop at a cooperating Online Store

2. Promos and Discounts

Both GO-PAY and OVO together aggressively providing promos and discounts for users.

In addition, these two also cooperate with many shops or merchant.

Overall GO-PAY and OVO have collaborated with thousands of merchant ranging from restaurants, cinemas, online stores, services, and much more.

The promos and discounts presented by both are also the same. So it seems difficult to choose who gives the most promos and discounts.

If you use these two applications simultaneously, of course you can get promos and discounts from both applications at once.

If it's based on the usual promos given, usually GO-PAY only gives cashback as much as 50% while OVO, usually up to 60%.

3. Top Up

The top up method for both GO-PAY and OVO is just as easy. Both can be at the top through the driver. For GO-PAY with GO-JEK Driver, while for OVO with GRAB Driver.

To top up on merchant and banks that work together, the following is a comparison of GO-PAY and OVO.

Transfer between GO-PAY usersTransfer among OVO users
GO-JEK driversInterbank transfer
Alfamart and PawnshopDebit Card
BCA OneClickATM BCA, Mandiri, Nobu, BNI, CIMB Niaga, BRI, Permata Bank, Maybank, ATM Bersama, Prima, Alto
Mobile Banking BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI, PermataBank, ATM Bersama, BTN, Bank Mega, DBS Digibank, Maybank IndonesiaMobile Banking BCA, BNI, CIMB Niaga
Internet Banking BCA, Mandiri, BNI, PermataBank, ATM Prima, Alto, BJB, BRI Syariah, BTN Mobile App and Web, Bank Sinarmas, CIMB Niaga, Danamon, Maybank Indonesia, OCBC NISPInternet Banking BCA, Mandiri, Nobu, BNI, CIMB Niaga, Jenius, BRI, BRI Syariah, Permata Bank, SIMOBI+, Maybank
ATM BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI, Permata Bank, Alto, ATM Bersama, ATM Prima, BTN, Bank Mayapada, Bank Mega, Bank Sinarmas, CIMB Niaga, Danamon, Maybank Indonesia, OCBC NISP, Panin Bank, Rabobank IndonesiaAlfamart, Matahari Department Store, Hypermart, FMX, Foodmart Fresh, Boston Health & Store, Shell, MAXX Coffee, BOOKS & BEYOND, FOODMART PRIMO
SMS Banking BRI, BNI, BJB, BRI Syariah, Maybank Indonesia and CIMB Niaga

4. Maximum Balance

according to Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 20/6/PBI/2018, Bank Indonesia (BI) stipulates the maximum limit for reloading unregistered or unregistered electronic money unregistered to Rp. 2 million, from the previous Rp. 1 million.

Meanwhile, electronic wallets have a maximum limit of IDR 10 million. For more details, see the following table.

UnregisteredIDR 2 millionIDR 2 million
Register/PremiumIDR 10 millionIDR 10 million
Maximum transactionIDR 20 millionIDR 20 million

5. Security

In terms of application security, the following is a comparison of GO-PAY and OVO.

PINSecurity Code

From this comparison, we can conclude that the OVO application is safer than GO-PAY or GO-JEK because opening the application on a cellphone requires two unlocks.

However, fingerprint feature only available for those of you with cellphones that have a fingerprint screen lock method.

Who is the King of FinTech Indonesia, GO-PAY or OVO?

According to Jaka, it is difficult to choose who is the best between the two.

The reason is that both GO-PAY and OVO have been registered and supervised by Bank Indonesia (BI), so that from the security of user data and information it can be said that it is quite safe.

If we look at the features and services, as well as how to top up Both are almost the same, each has advantages and disadvantages. What is not in OVO is in GO-PAY, and vice versa.

Meanwhile, in terms of application security, OVO is safer than GO-PAY, if the cellphone you are using supports the fingerprint method.

Besides that, if you look at who gives the most promos and discounts, it seems that they are almost the same.

Both of them are also aggressively providing promos, discounts, and cashback from various products merchant.

If we judge as a whole who the winner is, it doesn't seem possible. It would be better if you install these two applications.

So you can get the advantages of GO-PAY and OVO at the same time.

GO-PAY vs OVO, we can't choose who is the best between the two because The two FinTechs complement each other.

What you don't get on OVO you can get on GO-PAY, and vice versa.

In your opinion, who is the king of Indonesian FinTech?

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