Here are 7 weird and disgusting smartphone games! dare to play?

But there are strange and disgusting smartphone games that don't appear to be obvious for your smartphone. Because not all games created by developers are cool

Playing games is widely used as an alternative to relieve boredom from office and campus affairs. So don't be surprised if the presence of various cool and exciting games on smartphones always gets a warm welcome. The problem is that you can play games anytime, anywhere with ease.

The problem is, not all games created by this developer are cool. There are also games that don't have cool graphics, but are quite addictive. However, there are strange and disgusting smartphone games that don't appear to be obvious for your smartphone.

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7 Weird and Disgusting Smartphone Games

Instead of presenting games with cool concepts and stunning graphics, some developers actually develop casual games that are equipped with ordinary graphics. There are even games that are equipped with strange stories that make you think again if you want to play, such as...

1. Pimple Poppers

As the name implies, this game requires you to solve the pimples that appear. You don't just need to squeeze, you have to squeeze the pimple properly and correctly. Not clear huh? But it is suitable to practice your patience in solving acne.


2. Alpaca Evolution

Like Pokemon, you are required to evolve a creature called the Alpaca. What is Alpacas? Name all creatures in this game. The name is not clear, is it?

It's getting more and more unclear, because this game requires you to kill and eat other Alpacas in order to evolve. Surprisingly, the evolution of this Alpaca is really random, some become Alpaca smokers, walk like humans, there are even two-headed Alpacas. It's really weird!

Download game Alpaca Evolution.

3. Armpit Waxing Makeover Salon

Not only strange, this game can be said to be disgusting. Because you will be given a simulation of shaving armpit hair! What's the art of playing this game?

4. Aaaah

Carrying a concept like Flappy Bird, this strange and unclear game requires people sitting on the toilet to collect toilet paper. It's not very clear right? It's getting more and more unclear, because every time you play this game it will be accompanied by sound 'Aaaah, aaaaah, aaaaah'.

Download game Aaaah.

5. Where's My Toilet Paper Party?

Know the mini games in Talking Tom? This game requires you to finish the toilet paper roll as quickly as possible. What's the benefit? And to make stand alone games like this, this game feels weird enough to play.

Download the game Where's My Toilet Paper Party?

6. Toilet Time

Through a game called Toilet Time, Tapps Games presents a series of obscure games set in a toilet. From rolling tissue, squeezing cockroaches, to directing the flow of urine to the toilet. Dare to play this weird game while on the toilet?

Download the game Toilet Time.

7. Sperm Slayer

What happens if a sperm cell fertilizes an egg? Pregnancy. Well, in this game you are assigned to prevent sperm from fertilizing the egg by destroying the moving sperm cells. You can use items like condoms and birth control pills!

The weird part doesn't end there. If it fails to prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg, then you will hear the sound of a baby crying! Very strange, right?

Download game Sperm Slayer.

How about it, it's enough to shake your head, right? 7 weird and disgusting Android smartphone games like the one above. Are you brave enough to play the oddities offered in the strangest games above?

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