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how to track the latest lost vivo cellphone

One of the things that many people fear the most is losing their HP. Even so, it turns out that there is a way to track a lost Vivo cellphone that has been tested like the following!

Is your Vivo cellphone currently lost and has not been found? Confused about how to find your HP?

Losing HP is one of the things that usually happen to teenagers today. Especially if you have a habit of leaving things on a table or chair.

If this happens, you don't have to worry and be confused. Because there is an easy way to find your lost cellphone even without the help of others.

Curious how? Come on, see how to track down a lost Vivo cellphone in a dead or alive state below!

How to track a lost vivo cellphone

HP lost case happens very often nowadays. Many things and factors can cause your HP to be lost.

If this has happened, usually you will feel panicked and can't find your cellphone properly. Especially if your cellphone has important data in it.

If this happens, you don't have to worry anymore because there is an easy way to find your cellphone even without asking other people for help.

You can use a cellphone tracker application that you can follow l. Here's the full way:

How to track a lost vivo cellphone using Find My Device

The first is how to track a lost Vivo cellphone using the Google Find My Device fitur feature. This method is highly recommended by Vivo itself.

However, make sure you log in/log in into the Google account on your vivo cellphone first. Make sure that your cellphone has the Google Find My Device application installed.

This method is very effective if your cellphone is on and the location feature continues to run. Google Find My Device can track your cellphone instantly real time and can control HP security too.

Here's the complete way to use Google Find My Device to track a lost vivo cellphone:

Step 1 - Open the Google Find My Device app and log in to the account

  • You can log into your account that has been registered on your cellphone or use a guest account. Jaka uses a Google account that is already in the cellphone.

If you don't have the application, please download it from the link below:

Apps Utilities Google LLC DOWNLOAD

Step 2 - Enter your account password

Step 3 - Sign in to Google Find My Device on a spare PC or cellphone

  • Jaka uses a PC to find the location of the cellphone on the official Google Find My Device website.

Step 4 - Mobile location will appear in the main menu of Google Find My Device

  • On this page, you can see the location of your cellphone in real time if it is turned on. You just lock your cellphone and give a message on your cellphone.

Step 5 - Find your cellphone in the location according to Google Find My Device

Even though Google can find the location of your cellphone, that doesn't mean it's precise. Locations tracked via Google Find My Device are approximate.

This estimate is based on the last point your cellphone was connected to the internet (either connected to a cellular package internet or Wi-Fi).

After you find the approximate position of your lost cellphone, you can find your cellphone by sounding a voice that can be set on Google Find My Device.

Then, what if you want to track a vivo HP that is dead?

How to track a lost vivo cellphone in a dead state

If Your cellphone is off or not connected to the internet, then Google Find My Device will give you the last location of your cellphone connected to the internet.

You can see the last time your cellphone was in the HP information section in Google Find My Device. Precisely in the upper left corner.

If this happens, then you need the help of people around the last location to find your cellphone.

Google Find My Device cannot track if the cellphone is turned off or disconnected from the internet. Likewise, if your HP has beenflash or deleted data.

Then, can you track a lost Vivo cellphone with an IMEI number? Let's discuss!

How to track a lost vivo cellphone with IMEI

Are you looking for a way to track a lost Vivo cellphone with IMEI? You can do this by going to your provider and asking for help to track it down.

In addition to closing access to the HP network, the provider is also able to enter the IMEI number into the phone blacklist. If you still can't find a way out to find your cellphone through the provider, you can also go through the police.

You can make a lost item report and use your IMEI as evidence. So, there is no application or effective way to track a dead cellphone using IMEI.

Don't believe in the accuracy of Google Find My Device to track your vivo cellphone?

In addition to using Google Find My Device, there are also other applications that you can use to easily track your cellphone such as Find Lost Phone, Phone Tracker By Number, and much more.

All applications to track cellphones can be used provided that the cellphone must be connected to the internet. What do you think?

Those are some ways to track a lost Vivo cellphone. Do you have any other powerful way to track HP?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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