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These 5 android games were created for you fools!

A game made to be played by anyone. And it seems these 5 games were created for those of you who have a low IQ. Here are 5 games for fools.

Playing games is one of the activities favored by smartphone users in their spare time. Various types of games are available and can be downloaded for free through the Play Store. There are also unique games that you can try guys.

These games are suitable for those of you who have low IQ or stupid. Jaka has collected 5 games for fools on an android phone. Here's the review for you, idiots..

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These are 5 games that are suitable for stupid people to play

These games suitable for stupid people for several reasons. First, because the game play doesn't require much thinking. And the second because this game can make people smart. So it's suitable to be played by stupid people.

1. Stupid Button

this game totally ridiculousguys. How to play it simply by pressing the red button. There are two modes, being the longest or being the fastest to release the button when the time is exactly 30 seconds. Fools can certainly play, ga need to think!

2. Stupid Game

This game contains a basic math quiz that we often get in elementary school (SD). But to answer it you are only given a few seconds. So you have to answer quickly and precisely. Let stupid people know math!

3. Stupid! Jump Over Speeding Car

This game is so ridiculous, you should run to the car which was speeding. The speed of the car increases as the level increases. The level names are also suitable for stupid people, ranging from Very Stupid to Very very very very stupid. This game might be more suitable to be called a suicide game, you idiot!

4. It's a Stupid Test

Well stupid people have to play this game too. This game contains puzzle quiz that can calculate how high your IQ is. This Stupid Test game will sharpen your brain by giving riddles with unexpected answers. Stupid people have to play this, to be smarter.

5. Stupid Test Challenge

Stupid Test Challenge also contains quizzes that can test how stupid are you. Your intelligence, memory, and reflexes will be tested. You who have low IQ test your brain with this game, let's be smarter!

There he is guys5 android games for fools which you might want to try. If you want to try to test how stupid you are, hurry up download the game guys.

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