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2019 icon member profile: bio, photos, and unique facts

Who from here doesn't know the iKON group? Get acquainted first, gang, to be more intimate with the iKON member profiles that Jaka has made here.

Guys, are you ready to watch iKON at Gudfest in November? Jaka's friends who belong to iKONIC are already impatient.

This K-Pop group is indeed one of the musicians with the most popular songs in Korea, gang.

If you didn't get to watch their performance before, "mini concert" they are not to be missed, gang!

But, for those of you who are not too familiar with iKON, here, Jaka gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with iKON members.

Full Profile of iKON Members

The seeds of iKON were first seen on reality showWIN: Who is Next where some of the iKON members are joined in team B at the event.

Even though team B ended up losing to team A who formed the group WINNER, Team B is very popular with fans who also eventually became an iKON group under the auspices WHICH.

After their debut in 2015, they have released two albums Welcome Back in 2015 and Return in 2018.

To be even more intimate, just go ahead, gang, for the complete icon member bio in 2019!

1. Jay iKON

  • Stage name : Jay, formerly Jinhwan

  • Real name: Kim Jin Hwan

  • Position in the group: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

  • Place and date of birth: Jeju, February 7, 1994

  • Zodiac: Aquarius

  • Height : 165cm

  • A blood type

Jay is the iKON member who is the most fluent in the language Japan. Jay can also speak the language Tagalog because I lived 7 months in Philippines.

He is often bullied by other iKON members because his height is only 165cm but he himself is still a PD and he is considered the most narcissistic iKON member.

Jay often refers to himself as Visual from iKON and even once said that in front of the camera, his eyes often look sexy.

In line with his narcissistic personality, Jay is also the most flirtatious in interacting with fans and staff. Jay is also famous for his large collection of tattoos.

Apart from his personality, he has good vocals, gang, and YG himself once declared Jay as the successor Taeyang!

2. iKON's songs

  • Stage name: Song, formerly Yunhyeong

  • Real name: Song Yunhyeong

  • Position in the group: Lead Vocalist, Center, Visual

  • Place and date of birth: Seoul, February 8, 1995

  • Zodiac: Aquarius

  • Height : 177cm

  • A blood type

As visual, he is considered the most handsome iKON member, the gang, and he is also quite good at it. Especially in terms of cooking, to the point that he has his own cooking YouTube channel.

Because of his pleasing to the eye, he had wanted a career as an actor. But YG managed to persuade him to focus on iKON.

For personality problems, Song is the most naughty and naughty iKON member. But what irritates him is that he doesn't like being made fun of.

Despite having the ideal figure of an older woman, in February he was once rumored to be in a relationship with Daisy, member Momoland who is 4 years younger.

3. Bobby iKON

  • Stage name: Bobby

  • Real name: Kim Ji Won

  • Position in the group: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group

  • Place and date of birth: Seoul, December 21, 1995

  • Zodiac: Sagittarius

  • Height : 178cm

  • Blood type O

This iKON member is actually a result naturalization from United States of America, gang. Because when he was 10 years old he moved there and was recruited by YG Entertainment in New York.

Bobby has also started a music career outside of iKON and has released a solo album Love and Fall in 2017 (for winning the Show Me the Money competition) & some songs together Mino from WINNER.

According to other iKON members, Bobby has the role of mood maker and its existence always has a positive effect on others.

Another unique fact about Bobby, he really likes the character Winnie the Pooh and the Pooh doll his sister gave him can be seen in his solo music video, Runaway.

4. iKON DK

  • Stage name : DK, formerly Donghyuk

  • Real name: Kim Dong Hyuk

  • Position in the group: Main Dancer, Vocalist

  • Place and date of birth: Seoul, January 3, 1997

  • Zodiac: Capricorn

  • Height : 175cm

  • Blood type O

Well, if this iKON member, the gang, has a special academic history at school that makes other iKON members confused why he chose a career as an idol.

DK has great confidence in his own height and the other iKON members have never doubted his dancing skills.

DK is also one of my favorite idols Yang Yoo Jin, child of Yang Hyun-suk, CEO of YG. The food, gang, DK's career as an idol can be said to be safe.

5. iKON's Ju-ne

  • Stage name: Ju-ne, formerly Junhoe

  • Real name: Koo Jun Hoe

  • Position in the group: Main Vocalist, Dancer

  • Place and date of birth: Seoul, March 31, 1997

  • Zodiac: Aries

  • Height : 182cm

  • A blood type

If this iKON member is Jay's opponent, the gang, because Ju-ne has a height of 182cm. Even so, he is a reliable dancer.

When he was 13 years old, he once appeared on the show Star King as Michael Jackson, where his talent has been visible ever since.

He was also considered very slovenly and it was rumored that he had his favorite Zebra panties which Song eventually stole and threw away because they had started to turn yellow.

6. iKON Chan

  • Stage name : Chan, formerly Chanwoo

  • Real name: Jung Chan Woo

  • Position in the group: Vocalist, maknae

  • Place and date of birth: Yongin, January 26, 1998

  • Zodiac: Aquarius

  • Height: 180cm

  • A blood type

Well, this maknae is not only considered one of the most handsome iKON members, the gang, but he is also one of the richest iKON members.

This is because Chan already had a career as a child actor before he became the seventh member of iKON where he can be seen in several Korean dramas.

His actions as a child actor can be seen in popular Korean dramas Boys Over Flowers, where he plays the role of Lee Min Ho young.

He's one of the members who teases and annoys the other members the most and his main target is B.I when he was still a member of iKON.

Oh yes, Chan iKON also has a personal YouTube Channel called (Chanusari or Chanwoo's life) and already has more than 400 thousand subscribers.

7. iKON's B.I (ex)

  • Stage name : B.I

  • Real name: Kim Han Bin

  • Position in the group: Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center

  • Place and date of birth: Seoul, October 22, 1996

  • Zodiac: Libra

  • Height : 175cm

  • Blood type O

Gang, the arrival of iKON in November will be interesting because it will be their first time to Indonesia without B.I!

This iKON member who left unfortunately has broken up with YG because he was found to have intended to buy marijuana and LSD in 2016.

B.I is the main songwriter at iKON. So his departure is no small thing for iKONICs around the world.

When composing or writing songs, B.I usually relies on his imagination in making love songs because he has never been in a relationship.

For those of you who are big B.I fans, don't be discouraged, gang, because the other 6 iKON members have more than enough talent to fill the void!

That's it, gang, the profiles of iKON members now for your preparation to watch their performance in November.

Don't watch too many Korean dramas, gang, take the time to familiarize yourself with iKON.

Do you have any other unique facts about the iKON members above? Immediately share in the comments column, yes, gang!

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