so sexy! These 8 appearances of mobile legends female heroes make the player's focus wrong

The presence of these female heroes certainly adds to the attraction for gamers.

Hero Mobile Legends is not only filled with tough men who are ready to fight on the battlefield. Female heroes also come with skills and fighting skills that are no less formidable. The presence of these female heroes certainly adds to the attraction for gamers.

Not only varied skills, the appearance of female heroes in Mobile Legends is also a concern for gamers. Not only attractive faces and attributes, several female heroes in Mobile Legends also come with revealing clothes and sexy body shapes. It's so sexy, players can focus wrongly and don't concentrate on the game. Do not believe? Come on, take a peek 8 very sexy Mobile Legends heroes the following.

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8 Sightings of this Mobile Legends female hero make the player's focus wrong

1. Miya

Miya is one Favorite female hero in Mobile Legends. This beautiful figure who uses arrows as a weapon does appear with clothes that are quite revealing. It's a lie if you don't glance at certain parts of Miya's sexy body that are exposed uncensored. Hero Marksman is getting sexier with skin most recently, Modena Butterfly.

2. Fanny

This hero with two mainstay swords to kill the enemy looks sexy with tight and open clothes on the front. Fanny's back is also exposed with two sides of the waist that are also clearly visible. On skin Youth Campus and Punk Princess, Fanny still looks sexy with a prominent chest and a real sexy belly.

3. Natalia

Apparently, Natalia was really designed to make the eyes of the boys bulge. Not only has a beautiful face, this assassin hero also looks sexy with super tight minimal clothes that make some parts of his body stand out. Natalia is getting sexy on the skin Glass Blade. Her sexiness can't be hidden even when she's wearing a robe.

4. Karina

Karina is not only good at playing the sword with both hands, but also has very stunning body. The ideal body shape that women dream of in the real world is perfectly visualized in Karina's figure. Not only her body and sexy clothes make the focus wrong, Karina is also very elegant and looks elegant and deadly at the same time.

5. Eudora

Eudora is a hero that is quite often used by players. In addition to having qualified skills, Eudora's appearance is also quite interesting to look at. She really doesn't wear revealing clothes like Miya or Natalia, but Mage heroes this one can make the player's focus wrong with his chest that is too exposed.

6. Alice

bat queen who can absorb the opponent's HP hero appears so brave with super minimal clothes wrapped around his pale white skin. It's impossible for players not to think differently when they see Alice's sexiness, which is increasingly making the wrong focus with the very sexy Wizardry Teacher skin!

7. Hilda

Unlike other female heroes, Hilda makes the wrong focus not only with her minimal clothes, but also with a muscular body like a man. If you look at Hilda from behind, you might not believe that she's a woman, but if you've seen the part protruding chest are you sure you believe it?

8. Layla

The first hero that was introduced to you when you first started the Mobile Legends game is also no less confusing. Layla, who has long blonde hair and deadly weapons, has a fresh and eye-catching look. Her slender body is wrapped tight clothes and short skirts make it look sexy, especially if you use some of Layla's skins that show her sexiness even more.

That's 8 Hero mobile legends that make the most focus. How? Are you one of the gamers who are captivated by the sexiness of these female heroes? It's okay to be captivated, but don't fail to focus, which makes the battle chaotic, okay!