10 android apps that 'might' remain popular in 2016

The 10 applications here are predictions of popular Android applications in the 2016 version of JalanTikus. What's your version?

Entering the new year, 2016 of course we will be excited to see all the new possibilities that will happen in 2016 right? Android Application in 2016 it looks like it will be more sophisticated and more stable than the Popular Android Applications in 2015 though. Well this time JalanTikus has predictions about the Popular Android Applications in 2015 and will remain the Popular Android Applications 2016.

The application that JalanTikus chooses below is of course not arbitrary, but we look at the previous trends in 2015 and see how Google chooses the best 2015 version of the Android application. Google Play Store. The JalanTikus predictions below are not in order, just mentioning what will get the position of the popular Android application in 2016.

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10 Android Apps That Remain Popular in 2016

1. Google Chrome

As a product released in the same company as the company that released the Android OS, namely Google Chrome then it seems predicted that Google Chrome will still be a Popular Android Application in 2016.

Google Chrome with a myriad of cool features and always optimized with the latest to the oldest Android operating system, of course, makes Google Chrome one of the most popular Android browser applications in 2016.

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2. Facebook

Even if it's said Facebook it wastes quota, wastes battery, and wastes RAM but this social media application remains a beloved application to this day. Facebook users who have reached more than 1 billion active users per day make JalanTikus predict that Facebook will remain a popular Android social media application in 2016.

Apps Social & Messaging Facebook, Inc. DOWNLOAD

3. BBM

Latest BBM Applications, Latest BBM Mods, Anime BBM Mods until now there are still many who are looking for it. Although many have said that BBM is slow, BBM pending, and so on but it seems BBM app it will remain popular and selling well as an application chat Android is popular in 2016 especially in Indonesia.

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4. Clash of Clans

Android Games this one managed to attract the hearts of many Android users, even becoming the Android game with the largest income. Clash of Clans, a strategy game that can be played in a crowd, compete with the best COC formations, attack using the best COC Troops combination, and attack base an opponent with an invincible COC formation managed to make Android users who play COC forget the time. Can COC become the popular Android game of 2016?

Supercell Strategy Games DOWNLOAD

5. WhatsApp Messenger

Application chat This popular and has been acquired by Facebook has had a lot of users as well as WhatsApp become one of the mandatory Android applications installed on every new Android smartphone. Can WhatsApp Messenger still be an app chat Most popular Android in 2016?

Apps Social & Messaging WhatsApp Inc. DOWNLOAD

6. LINE Messenger

LINE Messenger is one of the popular chat applications from South Korea which is a rival to WhatsApp Messenger. LINE Messenger in Indonesia can also be said to be a popular Android application because many games are played using a LINE account.

In addition, various LINE stickers that can be purchased using coins also attract the attention of many Android users to use LINE Messenger as an application chat funny. You can get LINE free coins with features Free Coins.

Apps Social & Messaging Naver DOWNLOAD

7. UC Browser

The best browser app from UCWeb this has indeed become one of the popular browser applications, especially when getting statistics if you UC Browser is the second most popular browser in the world. This proves that every year UC Browser consistently becomes the most popular browser in the world. This of course makes JalanTikus predict that UC Browser will remain a popular Android browser application in 2016.

UCWeb Inc. Browser Apps. DOWNLOAD

8. Instagram

One of the -based social media applications photo sharing it has also been acquired by Facebook. Instagram become a popular application in the social media section for sharing photos. Easy to use Instagram from photo editing to upload making Instagram still a popular Android photo app by far.

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9. Opera Mini Web Browser

It seems like Opera Mini become a popular browser since time Symbian In the past, because one of its features made Opera Mini a quota-saving browser that had been embedded in the mind of every gadget owner who chose Opera Mini as his quota-saving browser. Can Opera Mini still be a quota-saving android browser application in 2016?

Apps Browser Opera Software DOWNLOAD

10. Babe - Read Indonesian News

If anyone sees the popular 2015 Android application in the Google Play Store edition, they will surely find BaBe as Google's preferred application as the most popular news application in Indonesia. Compared to other news reading applications, Babe - Read News has more complete news sources, interactive user comments, and is more quota efficient. So it seems that this year BaBe will still enter the ranks of the popular 2016 Android apps.

Apps Productivity Mainspring DOWNLOAD

The 10 applications above are just predictions, who will know what kind of applications or games are good and can become popular suddenly. The 10 applications above are predictions of popular Android applications in the 2016 version of JalanTikus. What's your version?