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how to make colorful text on whatsapp (no root!)

There are many hidden WhatsApp tips that have not been revealed to the public. One of them is how to make colored text on WhatsApp. But this time, jaka has tips.

Who is bored with the look monotonous and simple from WhatsApp? Tired of 4 ways to change the very standard font from WhatsApp? Want to make WhatsApp more colorful?

There are no themes like Line Messenger or mini games like in Telegram, it might make a lot of people bored with WhatsApp.

Eits, be patient! ApkVenue has a sharp tip so that your chat on WhatsApp is no longer old-fashioned and stiff!

If you're getting bored with WhatsApp, it might not hurt you to change a few settings on your chat display.

Well, this time Jaka has simple tips, how to make colorful text on WhatsApp Let's try guys! No need root, jailbreak and others!

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How to Make Colored Text on WhatsApp

Previously, Jaka had discussed various other WhatsApp tips such as changing themes, fonts, creating WhatsApp statuses, and others.

In this article, Jaka wants to give you tips so that there is color writing on your WhatsApp using the Blue Text application. For the download link, ApkVenue has provided below.

Downloads:Blue Text

Steps on How to Create Colored Text on WhatsApp with Blue Text

- The first step, You must download the Blue text application first before you can make colored text on WhatsApp.

- second step, install and run the Blue Text application as usual, then type the word you want to change the color.

- Third step,copy the sentence or word you want to change the color on WhatsApp by holding or hold the 'copy' logo to the right of the text whose color has changed, as in the example image below.

- fourth step, after you duplicate orcopy the previous article in the Blue Text application, open your WhatsApp application as usual and hold in the usual place you type the words, then wait and select the menu paste or paste.

- Finished! Now you can chat on WhatsApp in a new color! No longer black as usual.

It's so easy guys to make color writing on WhatsApp?

Even though at this time you can only change the WhatsApp font color to blue, hopefully in the future there will be a new feature so you can change it to another color!

If there is a way, it must be Jaka updates why for you guys!

Well, those were the tips from Jaka how to make colorful text on WhatsApp. Hopefully these tips can help you to look cool and up to date with the WhatsApp application.

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