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6 dangers of social media for users, can make you crazy!

Using social media is fun and addictive. Until we are not aware of the dangers that threaten the use of social media.

Besides being used as a medium of expression, social media has also become a new way of communicating. Sharing personal experiences, to arranging appointments with old friends or new friends can be done easily on social media.

However, like a double-edged sword, apart from providing convenience for users, social media also has a negative impact. Are you an active user of social media? Take a look at the following social dangers!

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The Dangers of Social Media

It's no secret that because of social media people start to forget how to socialize. From social dangers, personal dangers to financial dangers, all can be caused by social media if it is not used wisely.

1. Losing Self Control

Many people use social media as a means of expression. And it's not something wrong. The problem is when people use social media as a means of unlimited expression and forget the rules. This happens because they think that on social media everyone is free to express themselves, when in fact they are not.

There have been many incidents of people losing their 'life' because of social media, such as being fired because of Twitter, being imprisoned for insulting on Twitter, exciting photos circulating on the internet, and others. The use of social media that is not wise will always result in users losing self-control so that it will be detrimental in the social environment.

2. Loss of Identity

With social media, there are many spaces that can make it easier for people to express themselves. As a result, we become familiar with the term celebrity tweet, Instagram artists, Snapchat artists and more. This is proof that social media can provide a new identity for someone.

But for those who start to lose control on social media, slowly he will start to lose his true identity. Over time the social media artist began to get pressure from netizens who continued to highlight him. And start to appear haters who feel unappreciated in the real world.

3. Loss of Privacy

Whether we realize it or not, one of the most prominent dangers in social media is the loss of its users' privacy. With its ease of sharing, you as a social media user will often share stories about what happened, photos, or even locations. Do you realize that all of this is dangerous for your life in the real world?

By taking advantage of all the information you share on social media, irresponsible people will easily mistreat you in the real world. Even if you are not painstaking, there is hacker who is after all the data on your social media. Just in case, you can read the article 8 things you are HARAM to do on Facebook as a reference in sharing something on social media.

4. Losing Money

Photos there, photos here, continue to share to Instagram. Record this, record it, don't forget to share it to Path and YouTube. But do you realize that it will make your quota run out quickly? Because quotas are bought with money, it is clear that this social media will indirectly make you lose money. Also check List of Android Applications that DEFINITELY Make Quota Wasteful.

Social media that is widely used as a promotional medium can also be the cause of you losing money directly. For example, being tempted by promotional items on social media, when purchased, it ends up being a scam. And this has happened a lot.

5. Losing Friends

Because of the fun of social media, some people become addicted to smartphones. His life cannot be separated from his smartphone even when he is hanging out with friends. As a result, the friends around him slowly started to stay away because they felt they were not considered. Admit it, you often hang out with your friends but instead are busy checking Twitter or Path?

6. Having Mental Illness

It's not impossible because of your social media, you harbor a high curiosity for someone, so that it has an impact stalker. Not infrequently there are also those who lose their confidence because they often see beautiful and handsome people on social media.

At first glance you might think it's normal, when in fact you're starting to get a mental illness because you spend too much time on social media. Terrible isn't it?


Bonus: Check out the following video so that you are more aware of how dangerous social media is if you don't use it wisely.

Hopefully, the 6 dangers of social media that JalanTikus shared above can be a whip that wakes you up. That as a medium of expression, social media also has dangers if used unwisely. For that, let's use social media wisely in order to save your personal and social life!