The 7 best alternative video player applications on the iPhone, the features are really complete!

Have an iPhone and feel unsatisfied with the quality of the video player? Jaka has some of the best alternative applications!

Do you like watching videos from your smartphone? Watching videos from the cellphone screen does provide a special sensation for us, both Android and iPhone cellphones.

However, sometimes the default application is sometimes unsatisfactory. In fact, the iPhone's video player is considered minimal in features.

Therefore, ApkVenue will give you several alternatives video player app that you can use on your iPhone!

iPhone Video Player App Alternatives

The video player applications below have more complete features than the default iPhone application.

An example is the ability to display subtitles whether with downloads or not, variations in video playback speed, and so on.

So, what applications will ApkVenue recommend for you?

1. VLC for Mobile

Download VLC for Mobile via the App Store

The first iPhone video player app was VLC. This one application has indeed been famous since its presence for Android platform PC.

You can watch videos of any format without the need to convert. VLC can also be synced with storage services cloud like Dropbox and Google Drive.

VLC's minimalist design also adds to its popularity. VLC has also been equipped with gesture controls to make it easier for us to manage videos.

Reviews (Number of Reviewers)3.7 (2.900)
Size133.9 MB
iOS Minimum9.0

2. KMPlayer

Download KMPlayer via the App Store

If you are looking for an application to watch the best 4K videos, then ApkVenue will suggest an application KMPlayer this one.

Just like VLC, KMPlayer can also read various types of video formats and supports -based storage services cloud.

Its interface is also very easy to use. Moreover, KMPlayer can be downloaded from the App Store for free and is supported by 36 languages.

Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.1 (826)
Size77.4 MB
iOS Minimum8.0

3. MX Player

Download MX Player via the App Store

Next there is an application MX Player here, gang. When compared to VLC, this application has more advanced advanced features and has softer gestures.

It also looks more modern. The video screen will give you complete information about the video files on your smartphone, including: subtitles.

This app can be considered as one of the most downloaded video player apps on the App Store, although it does occasionally pop up with ads which can be removed by purchasing the premium version.

DeveloperMX Media & Entertainment
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.7 (17.900)
Size54.7 MB
iOS Minimum10.0

Other Applications . . .

4. Plex

Download Plex via the App Store

Application Plex is the best solution for those of you who want to watch your video collection on your computer using a cellphone.

As a video player application, Plex allows you to organize videos on your computer server so you don't have to save videos on your device.

This application is available for free, but to be able to experience the best features you must upgrade to the premium version, gang.

DeveloperPlex, Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.7 (37.300)
Size227.5 MB
iOS Minimum9.3

5. GOM Player

Download GOM Player via the App Store

Children of the 90s generation must be familiar with the name GOM Player. This application is often used, especially in internet cafes.

Well, it turns out that this application already has an Android version! You can download this GOM Player for free on the Play Store.

This application has several features such as the ability to play videos in various formats, can be connected to services, cloud like Google Drive, and so on.

DeveloperGOM & Company
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.1 (86)
Size285.8 MB
iOS Minimum10.0

6. PlayerXtreme Media Player

Download PlayerXtreme Media Player via the App Store

PlayerXtreme Media Player is an iPhone video player application that has a lot of useful features, guys.

In addition to supporting almost all video formats, this application is also able to support casting like from AirPlay or Google cast

Oh yes, you can also download subtitles by real timelol! So, no need to be confused anymore when watching videos!

Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.7 (38.200)
Size94.2 MB
iOS Minimum9.0

7. CnX Player

Download CnX Player via the App Store

The last application that ApkVenue will recommend for you is CnX Player developed by Pathwin Software Private Limited.

Compared to other applications, CnX Player is not very wasteful on battery. This may happen because this application is able to optimize its hardware.

Compared to other applications on this list, CnX Player is also light and capable of playing Ultra HD and 4K quality videos.

DeveloperPathwin Software Private Limited
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.3 (74)
Size78.3 MB
iOS Minimum8.0

Watching videos on iPhone with the above applications will give you satisfaction because of the various additional features available.

In addition, these applications are also not too wasteful to consume internal memory and RAM, so your iPhone will not be too burdened.

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