how to use advanced robots on whatsapp android

After a video call on WhatsApp, do you want even cooler features? If you want, let's add advanced robots on WhatsApp!

Currently, who is a smartphone user who doesn't use a smartphone? WhatsApp? Used by more than 900 million smartphone users, WhastApp is the largest chat application in the world.

There always is updates new that WhatsApp gave. Well, recently WhatsApp rolled out the Video Call feature. Want cooler features on WhatsApp? JalanTikus there is an easy way to add advanced robots on your WhatsApp. Want to?

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Robot Function in WhatsApp Chat

Do any of you use Telegram? Compared to WhatsApp, Telegram is superior because it has features Telegram bots which can be used to automatically execute a command. In fact, Telegram bots can be invited to play games.

So, to make WhatsApp more sophisticated and fun, let's add bots to WhatsApp!


How to Add Bots on WhatsApp

To add a Bot on WhatsApp, please follow these steps:

  • Download the qeuBot app, then install as usual.
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  • Application qeuBot useful for adding Bots in WhatsApp. Later, you can use the bot to search for movie information on IMDB, the weather, the latest news, GIF images, or even zodiac information.
  • Once qeuBot is installed, activate it Accessibility Service.
  • Once everything is ready, you can start using the Bot on WhatsApp by using the appropriate command. For example, search for information about WhatsApp on Wikipedia. Just type WhatsApp @wiki, and the information will be able to be displayed to be sent to the chat partner.

The commands you can use are:

So, who says Telegram is superior just because of bots? WhatsApp is also now able to use bots! Is it more fun to use WhatsApp?

Good luck!

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