10 best cv making apps 2021 on android & ios

Want to apply for a job or CPNS 2021 but can't make an attractive CV? Here is an application to make the best CV on Android and iOS, so that your application will be noticed by HRD.

Are you looking for a job, but haven't gotten a call yet? It could be because your CV is not attractive, gang. Better try CV making app which Jaka will discuss this time!

Besides skills, curriculum vitae aka CV is indeed one of the initial factors that can determine your fate in applying for a job.

Dealing with thousands of competitors, of course, it takes effort to get HRD interested in your CV.

Therefore, here ApkVenue will provide recommendations best CV maker app who can make cool applications, directly from Android and iOS cellphones, here!

Why Should You Make an Attractive CV & What are the Criteria?

Nowadays, it won't attract HRD's attention if you make a CV just to use it Microsoft Word only. It's definitely going to look boring.

Well, in today's digital era, there are many ways you can make a creative CV and job application, you know. One of them is what Jaka will discuss this time

So what are the criteria for making an attractive CV?

Reporting from various sources, here are some creative CV criteria that attract HRD attention that you must pay attention to.

  • Neat and easy to read, including in the selection of design and typeface.
  • Provide complete information, such as personal data, education, work experience, and so on.
  • Presented concisely, concisely, and clearly on a single sheet of paper.
  • Adjust to the work at the destination.
  • Give an award (achievements) that have been obtained in the previous workplace.

Recommended Applications for Making the Best CV on Android & iOS Phones

You can immediately make it on an Android or iOS cellphone, you can already make a variety of things curriculum vitae that attracts HRD's attention easily and practically.

For those of you who are curious, here are some recommendations best CV maker app 2021 that you must try, gang. Come on, see!

1. Canva (The Best Application for Making CV on Mobile)

Not only can it be accessed on laptop devices, applications Canva You can also access it via an Android or iOS smartphone, you know.

This application provides many designs templates Creative CV with a variety of themes so it is guaranteed to make your CV more beautiful catchy, gang.

From simple, colorful, to CVs for business matters that must look professional. Not only paid, many too templates which you can get for free.

Besides making a CV, you can also make posters, Facebook posts & Facebook covers, Twitter banners & Youtube thumbnails, and much more.


  • Complete design features.
  • Lots of choices templates ready.
  • Can be accessed for free.


  • Sometimes it appears error or bugs.
  • Loading long.
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Download100,000,000 and above
Rating4.7/5 (Google Play)

Download Canva is here!

Apps Productivity Canva DOWNLOAD

2. Resume Builder & CV Maker - PDF Template Editor (Create More Than One Page CV)

Applications to make a CV that you can use next are: Resume Builder & CV Maker - PDF Template Editor.

With the help of this application, you can easily create a CV in just minutes.

The features provided by the application to make this CV include more than 100 templates and format resume, 250+ cover letter, various types font cool, and many others.

You can also create a CV and resume more than one page with this application, you know.


  • Make a CV of more than one page.
  • Various options available templates.
  • Provides more than 30 different languages.


  • There are ads that are quite annoying.
  • Some paid features.
DetailsResume Builder & CV Maker - PDF Template Editor
DeveloperMobotechnology Inc.
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Download1,000,000 and above
Rating4.5/5 (Google Play)

Download Resume Builder & CV Maker is here!


3. CV Maker PDF Job Application (CV Maker Application with Various Features)

The next application is CV Maker PDF Job Application developed by the developer Intelligent CV.

This application provides more than 40 designs templates CV where each is available in 10 to 500 color choices.

Not only that, this application also allows you to set changes font, color, and margin settings just like any graphic design application can do.

In addition to making a CV, you can also use this application to create a portfolio, you know. In addition, this application allows you to download CV results in PDF format.


  • Smart CV Manager feature to change the order of CV sections.
  • There are examples of good & correct CVs to make it easier for you.
  • Can adjust size font, color, up to the margins.


  • There still is bugs moment preview CV.
DetailsCV Maker PDF Job Application
DeveloperIntelligent CV
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Download10,000,000 and above
Rating4.6/5 (Google Play)

Download CV Maker PDF Job Application is here!

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

4. Resume (Best iOS CV Making Application)

Do not have skills design but want to make a good and attractive CV? If that's the case Resume made by the PathSource developer is suitable for you to use, gang.

You can choose from 20 designs templates CV that has been provided and then adjust to what job you want to apply for.

Unfortunately, some designs templates You can only use premium by buying it.


  • Various variants templates interesting.
  • Free evaluation of results by professional CV writers.
  • Intuitive UI display.


  • Some features can only be used when subscribed.
Minimal OSiOS 9.0 and above
Rating4.9/5 (App Store)

Download Resume via App Store.

5. Resume Star (Features Spell Check To Avoid Typos)

The application recommendation for making a CV from the next Jaka is Star Resume for you iOS device users.

You can make resume as many as possible with 10 examples draft professionals that you can use as a source of inspiration.

Apart from that, you can also export your CV to a cloud storage service like Dropbox. The CV file format on Resume Star itself is PDF and you can directly share your CV via email, you know.

Interestingly, this application also provides features spell check to avoid typos in your CV. Cool, right?


  • Available features spell check.
  • In-App feature that makes it easy when you want to print results.
  • Customize the design as needed.


  • Some paid features.
DetailsStar Resume
DeveloperQrayon, LLC
Minimal OSiOS 13.0 and above
Rating4.8/5 (App Store)

Download Resume Star via the App Store.

6. CV & Resume Creator (Export CV to Various File Formats)

Next there is a CV maker application called CV & Resume Creator. Thanks to this application made by Desygner Pty Ltd, you can create a CV that attracts HRD's attention.

The reason is, here there are more than 100 templates, fonts, and icons which you can use for free for your CV.

In addition, you can create your CV in JPEG, PNG, and PDF format with this CV & Resume Creator application.

You can also directly share your CV on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) and email, you know!


  • Hundreds of choices available templates free.
  • Export CV to various file formats.
  • Easy to use.


  • Some paid features.
  • Loading sometimes takes a long time.
DetailsCV & Resume Creator
DeveloperDesygner Pty Ltd
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Download100,000 and above
Rating4.2/5 (Google Play)

Download CV & Resume Creator PDF here!


7. Free Resume Maker (Provides Informative How-To Tutorials)

It has been downloaded by more than 100 million people, the app Free Resume Maker supply more than 50 resume templates which is suitable for various jobs, including those of you who want to register for CPNS, gangs.

Not only provides enough templates Just a CV, this application also provides guidance on how to make it so it won't confuse users.

You can also download the CV that has been made in PDF format or print it directly.


  • There is a tutorial on how to make a CV.
  • Lots of choices templates.
  • Can be used for free.


  • Lots of annoying ads.
DetailsFree Resume Maker
DeveloperResume Maker
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Download500,000 and above
Rating4.8/5 (Google Play)

Download Free Resume Maker is here!


8. Resumaker (Professional CV Maker Application)

Provides as many as 75 choices templates Best CV app Resumer also provides a wide selection of formats ranging from simple to modern and stylish as well as colors.

Not only that, you can also customize it to create a CV that suits your personal taste and download it in PDF format.

You can enjoy all the features offered by this application for free, aka free and only requires an internet connection.


  • Can create, view,copy, set up, to delete CV.
  • Customize freely.
  • Choice templates diverse.


  • Sometimes bugs or error still appears.
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Download100,000 and above
Rating4.4/5 (Google Play)

Download Resumer is here!


9. Resume Builder & CV Maker By VisualCV (Direct Data Import from LinkedIn)

has been-download by more than 100 thousand users, Resume Builder & CV Maker so the application recommendation to make the next best CV from Jaka.

Application developed by developer Workstory Inc. This can make your CV look professional in just minutes. In addition, you can also choose a variety of templates CV and portfolio.

For those of you who already have a LinkedIn account, you can also directly import your LinkedIn profile to this application and convert it into a CV file in PDF format.


  • Can import data from LinkedIn.
  • Various options templates.
  • Design customization.


  • Sometimes an error appears when login.
  • The appearance of the new version of the UI is less comfortable for some people.
DetailsResume Builder & CV Maker By VisualCV
DeveloperWorkstory Inc.
Minimal OSAndroid 5.1 and above
Download100,000 and above
Rating3.9/5 (Google Play)

Download Resume Builder & CV Maker By VisualCV is here!

Apps Productivity DOWNLOAD

10. Easy Resume Builder (Suitable for Beginners)

Jaka's last recommendation is Easy Resume Builder. This application made by Technokeet is suitable for those of you who are making a CV for the first time.

Easy Resume Builder has user interface which is simple and easy to use. In addition, you can create more than one profile to make various CV models as needed.

You can use all the features in the Easy Resume Builder application, for FREE!


  • Easy to use by beginners.
  • Free.
  • Can create multiple profiles at once.


  • There is no Indonesian language option available.
DetailsEasy Resume Builder
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0 and above
Download100,000 and above
Rating3.8/5 (Google Play)

Download Easy Resume Builder is here!


So, those are the recommendations for a number of the best CV maker applications, the Jaka version, which you can try directly on Android or iOS.

Now you don't need to be confused anymore how to make a creative CV, right?

It is enough to use the applications above which are certainly easy, practical and free! Good luck, gang.

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