7 games with the best theft themes on android

The theme of theft in games has also penetrated the Android game market, and even has pretty good potential. Here are 7 of the best Android games with theft theme.

Theft is a fairly serious crime. This often happens in everyday life, whether it's stealing an item or also money. However, this has actually inspired game makers, where stealing has turned into a very exciting thing, of course in the context of games.

The theme of theft in games has also penetrated the Android game market, and even has pretty good potential. So what are the best thief-themed Android games on Android? Let's look at the 7 best Android games with the theft theme.

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The Best Theft Theme Game on Android

1. Robbery Bob

The Android thief game that we will discuss first is Robbery Bob. Bob is a thief who is released by someone from prison, where that person makes Bob as his subordinate. Boss of Bob will provide theft missions.

Like the story above, of course you will act as Bob who will undertake theft missions. You will play like a real thief, sneaking into the house and then maneuvering so as not to be caught by the owner of the house and of course taking the target of the item to be stolen.

2. King of Thieves

Want to be the 'King of Thieves'? Play artificial theft Android game developerZeptoLab this one. This game has a fairly unique way of playing, where you will compete with other players to steal from each other.

You will later make a base which you can edit as you wish. You can also make a room puzzle which contains traps so that other players do not easily take your gems. On the other hand, you will also act to solve base made by opponents to seize their gems.

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3. Daddy Was A Thief

What would happen if our father was a thief? That is the theme of this Android thief game. You will play as a thief father who navigates a building, to take valuables in each room.

This game is quite simple, you just need slides up or down to move rooms, where in each room you have to take the money that is in the safe. Of course you also have to be careful with the obstacles that exist such as a granny that will kick you, a police ambush, or even a rocket fired from outside the building by a helicopter.

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4. THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief Game

Want a complex Android thief game? THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief Game is the answer. You will play the role of a thief who is stealing from a building, just like in Hollywood movies.

Taking the CCTV point of view, you will move the character from one room to another, paralyzing the police and finally taking the object that is the target of the theft. The dim atmosphere that characterizes the building that is not operating also adds to its own preoccupation.

5. Thief Job

If you want a theft Android game that is suitable for relaxing and simple, there is a game made Tekko Games that is Thief Job. Games running like most, but with a thief character.

Here you are tasked with directing the thief character who is running to jump over each roof of the building, doing slides, and skating on cables. Of course in every game mode running, there will be a trespasser, namely the police.

6. Dumb Thief Breakout

Unique Android game named Escape Puzzle Combined with the thief theme, what you can imagine is an extraordinary thing. Dumb Thief Breakout managed to bring these two themes into one very exciting game.

Of course once again your role is a criminal who will steal in a house, but before you can enter the house, you have to solve the puzzles in each room in order to move on to the next room.

7. Can You Steal It: Secret Thief

Still with merging between themes puzzle and thieves, only this time using the first-person method or point of view directly without character. You will search the entire room filled with puzzles that you must solve, which will lead you to the target of the object you are going to steal.

Yes, that's all 7 of the best thief games on Android version of JalanTikus. Of course, these stealing games are only for entertainment and should not be used as your inspiration to take commendable actions in the real world.