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how to type in ms. word with voice, no need to use the keyboard anymore!

Have a stacked job? Tired of typing for a long time? Do not worry! Now, only armed with voice, all your work can be done well, you know! How to? Check out the reviews!

Humans can not be separated from the activity of typing. Whether it's in the office, campus, school, even in the RT/RW environment, there must be one, especially when it comes to making documents.

Well, often typing activities take up a lot time and power. Not to mention the effect of typing too long, fingers get tired easily, sprains, and some even experience arthritis.

How about it, then? Don't worry, everything has a solution. Now, you no longer need to be tired of typing.

Only with voice, you only need to speak what words will be typed. Soon, your computer will self typing according to what you say. How come? How to?

Guide How to Easily Type Using Voice on PC

Actually, there are several ways that you can do to type using your voice, one of which is in PC. This time, ApkVenue will provide guidance on typing using voice using Google Docs.

Step - 1: Get your best microphone or headset ready

Because not all PCs or laptops have their own built-in recording mic, you can add an external microphone or headset from anywhere. Usually you can use the default cellphone headset.

Step - 2: Open Google Docs site in Google Chrome

The next step you have to do is open Google Docs site on Google Chrome.

Remember! This feature can only be used on Google Chrome only, can't in other web browsers. This is most likely because Google only wants to support its services optimally in its products.

Step - 3: Open the Resume file

In the column "Start a new document", you will see a wide selection of documents that you can open and use for your data needs.

Well, for information, this feature is not available if you open it in the "Blank" file. If you open there, you will not find the Voice Typing feature.

This feature is only in the "Resume" file. Therefore, choose "Resume" which is number two from the left, just to the left of the "Blank" file.

Step - 4: Delete all posts on Resume

Later, after the Resume page opens, you will see writing in various styles and shapes like this.

Well, what you need to do is very simple. Delete all the writing so that it becomes clean like this.

Now the document file is ready for voice typing!

Step - 5: Look for Voice Typing/Dictation Options

After all posts are deleted, search for "Tools" in the Menu bar, then click. Tools aligns with other menu options such as File, Edit, View, and so on.

After you click, look for the option "Voice Typing" or "Dictation" in Indonesian. If so, click.

Step - 6: Try Saying What You Want to Write in Docs

After that, a symbol will appear Mic on the left side with a choice of language above it. If you want to use Language, select Indonesian.

When you're done, you can try saying the words you want to write down. The method, click the Mic symbol until it changes to Red.

If it turns red, you can start speak while keeping your lips close to the microphone or headset.

Please remember, make sure you pronounce the words with pronunciation and intonation clear. For example, say the sentence, "This is how to type using voice."

If you want to use punctuation, you just have to say it at the end of the sentence, like "Point" or "Coma". If so, congratulations, you have successfully typed using voice on a PC or laptop!

Guide How to Easily Type Using Voice on Android

Well, if you already knew how to type using voice on a PC or laptop, now you should also know how to type using voice on Android.

Here, ApkVenue will use the feature again Google Docs, considering that the application is already available on Android smartphones in general, complete with the Google Keyboard application.

Step - 1: Open Google Docs

Open Google Docs in Google Drive or which you have installed separately on your smartphone.

Step - 2: Press the Microphone Button on the Keyboard

After that, you will see microphone button which is on the keyboard. Its position depends on the keyboard settings on each cellphone.

Some are at the bottom, in line with the Spacebar, some are at the top, in line with the Clipboard and Settings buttons. Press the microphone button.

Step - 3: Try Saying What You Want to Write in Docs

If you have, you will see the keyboard screen turns into a recording screen. You can start speak while keeping your lips close to the microphone or headset.

Please remember, make sure you pronounce the words with pronunciation and intonation clear. If so, the text will appear automatically on the screen.

That was the guide on how to type by voice on a PC or Android.

What do you think? Write in the comments column below, yes! See you in the next Jaka article!

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