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10 funniest warkop dki movies of all time

Are you looking for legendary Indonesian comedy films? Come on, take a look at the funniest Warkop DKI films of all time! Guaranteed to make you laugh all day.

Are you in need of classic entertainment that is entertaining and can clobber your stomach? Did you often watch the movie Warkop DKI as a child?

Warkop DKI is indeed a legendary trio of Indonesian comedy films that cannot be replaced.

Various jokes to songs sung by a trio of witty men, are able to influence the world of comedy to this day.

Call it a song Andeca-Andeci or joke Pregnant Cockroach which are still used today by comedians. Well, if you miss the Warkop movie, Jaka has prepared a list of films that you must watch.

Curious about anything? Come on, see more below!

Best Warkop DKI Film, Indonesian Legendary Comedy!

Speaking of Warkop DKI, do you know where this name actually comes from?

Warkop DKI indeed widely known as a legendary comedy group in Indonesia. However, initially Warkop DKI was a radio program called Warkop Prambors.

This program was created by a radio producer named Temmy Lesanpura in 1973. This event was first starred by a trio of UI students, namely Kasino, Nanu Mulyono, and Rudy Badil.

A year later, Dono joined the comedy group Warkop DKI. In 1976, Indro joined the Warkop Prambors event.

Together they became very famous for their jokes that always entertained radio listeners.

Their fame grew, but two members left the group. They are Nanu Mulyono and Rudy Badil. Until the remaining trio Dono, Kasino, Indro that we know today.

Their first comedy film was Where to Hold which was released in 1979. This film became very famous not only because of the famous actors, but also the very entertaining jokes.

Since then, there have been many legendary comedy films starring Kasino, Dono, and Indro. Their name skyrocketed until they finally changed their name to Warkop DKI to avoid royalties against Prambors.

Interesting story isn't it? Well, those of you who can't wait for the list of the best Warkop DKI films recommended by Jaka. You can directly see below, gang:

1. Where to Hold

First is Where to Hold which became Warkop DKI's first comedy film. This film was first released in 1979, starring Dono, Kasino, Indro, and Nanu.

The film, directed by Nawi Ismail, tells the story of 4 teenagers living in a boarding house together in the Jakarta area. Suddenly, the boarding house maid was found to be pregnant and the teenager was accused.

They are also looking for a way to escape the accusations and find the real culprit. Mana Hold is the best-selling Warkop DKI film in its era and was watched by more than 400 thousand viewers.

This film is also well known for the legendary Indonesian song Andeca-Andeci. Great!

InformationWhere to Hold
Duration107 minutes
Release Date1979
DirectorNawi Ismail
PlayerElvy Sukaesih, Rahayu Effendi and Kusno Sudjarwadi

2. Forward Got Hit Back Got

The next Warkop DKI film is Forward Got Got Back Got released in 1983 directed by Arizal. This film brings various well-known actors Lydia Kandou, Eva Arnaz, and of course Warkop DKI.

Maju Kena Mundur Kena tells the story of two teenagers (Dono and Indro) who live in the same boarding house and work at the casino's workshop.

The casino also provides a dating ban for Dono and Indro. However, they still violate it with hilarious behavior. You must watch this Warkop DKI movie, Go Forward, Get Backward, and you must watch it, gang!

InformationForward Got Got Back Got
Release Date1983
PlayerWarkop DKI, Eva Arnaz, and Lydia Kandou

3. Credit Demon

Well, if Credit Demon it has a different theme with a touch of comedy horror. This Warkop DKI film was directed by Iksan Lahardi, starring Warkop DKI, Minati Atmanegara, and Alicia Djohar.

Satan Credit tells the story of a trio of Warkop DKI who are looking for a missing child. To make it easier to find the child, they went to a sacred location for clues.

From there, the three of them start doing hilarious acts that can make you laugh all day.

InformationCredit Demon
Duration90 minutes
Release Date1981
DirectorIksan Lahardi
PlayerWarkop DKI, Minati Atmanegara, and Alicia Djohar

4. Dong's prestige

It doesn't stop at the film Satan Credit, this time there is Dong prestige which you must watch. This classic film was first shown in 1980 by Nawi Ismail, starring Camelia Malik and Zainal Abidin.

This film tells the story of three teenagers who come from rich families, together studying at a university. They also fall in love with a lecturer named Rita and show off their wealth to get Rita.

InformationDong prestige
Duration121 minutes
Release Date1980
DirectorNawi Ismail
PlayerWarkop DKI, Camelia Malik, and Zainal Abidin

5. Chips

Chips or Great Ways to Participate in Social Countermeasures is a very famous film in 1982. You certainly know the word 'boss cricket', right?

The word was first mentioned in this film and was used again in the 2016 remake version of Warkop DKI Reborn. According to Jaka, Chips is the funniest Warkop DKI film.

Chips, starring Warkop DKI, was also inspired by the California Highway Patrols TV series in the 80s. This film is about Dono, Kasino, and Indro who become Chips' officers.

This film is very funny with a distinctive comedy style, you must watch this Warkop DKI Chips film. Guaranteed not to be bored, gang!

Duration90 minutes
Release Date1982
DirectorIksan Lahardi
PlayerWarkop DKI, Panji Anom, Sherly Malinton

6. Be patient, Dong!

Who would have thought that a mouse could become famous through Indonesian films. Yes, movies Be patient Dong! This is what introduced the Omen Warkop mouse to the audience.

Please be patient! released in 1989 directed by Ida Farida. Bringing famous stars such as Eva Arnaz, Anna Shirley, and Warkop DKI.

This film is about 5 herds who turn an old hotel into a good one again. Ever since they re-opened the hotel, funny things have been happening non-stop.

Starting from the Omen rat to the one who was thought to have died in the hotel. I highly recommend this film if you are looking for the most memorable Warkop DKI film.

InformationBe patient Dong!
Duration76 minutes
Release Date1989
DirectorIda Farida
PlayerWarkop DKI, Eva Arnaz, Anna Shirley

7. Vintage Jack

you know movie Vintage Jack this?

If you're new, how about a casino joke 'you stinky monkey, stye lizard, flat face, pregnant cockroach, fast pig, dinosaur, brontosaurus, cricket'. This joke was first mentioned in the movie Jack Antik, gang.

The film was first released in 1982 directed by Arizal. This film stars legendary actors such as Meriam Bellina, Mat Solar, Pietrajaya Burnama, and others.

Dongkrak Antik tells the story of four hotel employees consisting of Dono, Kasino, Indro, and Mat Solar. Their behavior when serving the newcomers is able to turn your stomach, gang!

InformationVintage Jack
Duration90 minutes
Release Date1982
PlayerWarkop DKI, Meriam Bellina, Mat Solar

8. Same Lies

Same Lies it was first released in 1986 directed by Chaerul Umam. This film is known not only for its funny stories, but also for some famous songs that have a twist.

The film Warkop DKI Sama Also Bohong tells the story of a trio of Dono, Kasino, and Indro as a student living in a boarding house together. They then met with Chintami the singer.

Together they raise funds for a show to repair orphans who are not fit to live in.

InformationSame Lies
Duration98 minutes
Release Date1986
DirectorChaerul Umam
PlayerWarkop DKI, Ayu Azhari, Chintami Atmanegara, and Nia Zulkarnaen

9. Know Yourself Dong

The next is Know Yourself Dong which became another Warkop DKI film directed by Arizal. The film also stars familiar actresses Eva Arnaz and Lydia Kandou.

The film Warkop DKI Tahu Diri Dong tells the story of 5 teenagers who are living in a boarding house belonging to the fierce Pak Us US. The funny story begins when the Casino puts a painting on the wall of a boarding house.

However, the wall broke and was caught by Pak Us Us. They also looked for ways to fix the wall, especially with the arrival of Dono's grandfather to the boarding house.

InformationKnow Yourself Dong
Duration89 minutes
Release Date1984
PlayerWarkop DKI, Eva Arnaz, Lydia Kandou

10. Smart Fool

The last Warkop DKI film recommended by Jaka is Stupid Clever. The film was first screened in 1980 by director Arizal.

Pintar-Pintar Bodoh tells the story of four men who plan to open a detective agency. However, they were divided due to different opinions during the development process.

This film is very famous for its chanting of Song of Codes by Casino. Not only that, Stupid Smarts won the Antemas trophy and was named the Best Selling Film by Muri. Good soul!

InformationStupid Clever
Duration90 minutes
Release Date1980
PlayerWarkop DKI, Eva Arnaz, Debbie Cynthia Dewi

That's the best Warkop DKI film with legendary comedy a la Dono, Kasino, and Indro. Which movie do you like the most?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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