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7 of the best vampire anime of all time, the stories and characters are awesome!

Want to recommend the best vampire anime that you can watch? Jaka has some of the best titles, guaranteed to be really cool!

Even though it's made in Japan, it doesn't mean that anime doesn't adopt foreign culture. Lots of anime inspired by ancient mythology.

One of them is a vampire. This one creature was born from European folklore that likes to suck blood and can turn into a bat.

Lots vampire themed anime whose story and characters are really cool! Jaka will give you some recommendations for the best titles!

Best Vampire Anime

Vampire anime is able to provide something scary and thrilling. Moreover, the storyline is often so tense for most people.

Far from being scary, vampire characters in anime actually look cool even though they still look very intimidating.

So, what anime will Jaka recommend for you?

1. Hellsing Ultimate

Photo source: Netflix

When it comes to vampire-themed anime, one of the best is of course Hellsing Ultimate which is a reboot version of Hellsing which was released in 2001.

The story centers on a character named Alucard, the strongest vampire who in the past was defeated by Van Hellsing.

He later became an agent of the British government's Hellsing organization tasked with eradicating supernatural beings. In carrying out his duties, he is assisted by Seras Vitoria.

This anime is often praised for its excellent image quality. It's just that a lot of gore scenes are shown, so it's not recommended for those of you who aren't strong enough to watch it.

2. Bakemonogatari

Photo source: HD Wallpaper

Bakenomonogatari is one of the best anime from the Monogatari series that there are so many. This series is adapted from a light novel.

Koyomi Araragi was an ordinary high school student before being attacked by a vampire. Even though he survived, he became possessed of strange powers such as super vision.

In order to make it normal again, he tries to heal other people who also have supernatural powers in order to uncover the secrets that surround him.

3. Shiki

Photo source: DevianArt

A small village called Sotoba suddenly experienced a strange phenomenon that caused the residents there to experience strange deaths

An antisocial young man named Natsuno Yuuki is obsessed with solving the mystery. Apparently, the death was caused by a vampire bite.

Helped by a young doctor named Toshio Ozaki, they also try to eliminate the plague while protecting the village of Sotoba.

Anime Shiki This one has a lot of suspenseful horror scenes, so prepare your heart, gang!

4. Blood+

Photo source: Pinterest

Next there is anime Blood+ which is a continuation of Blood: The Last Vampire. The story itself centers on a high school girl named Saya Otonashi.

One day, he was suddenly attacked by a vampire called Chiropteran. Fortunately, he was saved by a mysterious man named Hagi.

The man can't kill Chiropteran and said only I could kill her after that girl drank Hagi's blood.

After learning that there is a hunter organization Chiropteran named Red Shield, I decided to join. Fighting the creature will unlock Saya's memories of her past.

5. Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

Photo source: YouTube

New York City has changed. Not only has his name become Lot Hellsalem, the creatures that live in it have also changed.

Starting from supersonic monkeys, monsters, to vampires live there. This incident began with the opening of another dimensional door in New York which made many strange creatures out.

After this incident, an organization called Libra was born which is tasked with maintaining order in the city so that chaos does not spread throughout the world.

A man named Leonardo Watch suddenly got a strange power called Kamigami no Higan who sacrificed his little sister's eyes.

He also went to Lot Hellsalem to find answers to the mysteries he was experiencing. That's more or less the anime's storyline Kekkai Sensen this one.

6. Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign)

Photo source: Pic Pic

Due to the emergence of a mysterious virus that kills humans when they are over 13 years old, vampires come out of their hiding places and enslave humans.

Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya were displeased with being mistreated by the vampires. They decided to run away.

Unfortunately, only Yuuichirou managed to survive. He was also discovered by Moon Demon Company which aims to exterminate all vampires in Japan.

Four years later, he managed to become a member Imperial Demon Army of Japan and determined to take revenge on the vampire group.

Anime Owari no Seraph is one of the popular anime that has a thrilling storyline!

7. Blood Lad

Photo source: Viz Media

The last vampire anime on this list is Blood Lad. This anime tells the story of a powerful vampire named Staz Charlie Blood who dominates the eastern district of the demon world.

According to rumors, he is a powerful and bloodthirsty vampire. In fact, Staz is an acute weasel who is obsessed with Japanese culture!

Then, a woman from Japan named Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally enters the demon world. Staz is also attracted to Fuyumi.

Unfortunately, Fuyumi had to die in the demon world. Staz is determined to bring him back to life, even if he has to travel to the human world.

Maybe you are wondering why there is no Netlfix original anime, Castlevania, in the list above.

Although lifted from a game made in Japan, the animated film is made in America, gang! The drawing style is indeed made similar to the anime style.

If so, which one is your favourite? Write in the comments column, yes!

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