what is leonflix? here's how to download and use it

Are you curious about the Leonflix movie application that replaces IndoXXI? Come on, let's look at how to download and how to use Leonflix in full below, gang.

You are very lucky to live in this era, deh! Now you can easily access a lot of interesting and useful content, including looking for quality movies.

Starting from movie watching applications like Netflix, until those who want to find funny videos are good at YouTube nor TikTok. All can be accessed directly through the device smartphone or laptop, gang.

But unfortunately, some of the applications above are premium so you need to pay a subscription fee to enjoy the content in them.

As an alternative, it's been busy lately Leonflix app for movie lovers that can be used for free. Then, how method download and use Leonflix?

What is Leonflix and how to download and use it?

After a lot of blocking sites watching movies like IndoXXI, the name of the Leonflix application has recently been widely discussed on the internet because it offers similar features and is of course free.

From many conversations in cyberspace, Leonflix provides a platform for watch HD quality movies for free.

Therefore, in this article, ApkVenue will provide a complete review of what is Leonflix and how to use it for those of you who are still curious and don't understand it, gang.

What is Leonflix? IndoXXI Substitute Movie Watch Application?

Leonflix is a movie-watching app that seems to be following in the footsteps of Netflix. This can be seen from the suffix "-flix" which it uses.

Photo source: (Leonflix is ​​a movie and TV series search engine application, open a movie streaming provider application like Netflix.)

Based on the description on the Leonflix website (//, the maker of this application explains that the service not a video or movie content provider like Netflix.

But Leonflix is ​​a sophisticated search engine similar to Google Search which is limited to searching for movie and TV series content, gang.

Besides looking for it, you can also use Leonflix for play and watch movies and TV series directly in the application.

At first glance this application is similar to Score, just have an interface (user interface) which is simpler so you don't have to fiddle with it anymore.

How to Use Leonflix to Watch Free Movies

As Jaka mentioned above, one of the main selling points of Leonflix is ​​the ease of use and services that can be used for free.

To help you, here Jaka has fully explained how how to use Leonflix Windows for your PC or laptop device. Come on, see more!

Step 1 - Download Latest Leonflix Windows

  • First, you can download The latest Leonflix application for Windows version which you can get via the link below.
  • Meanwhile, for users of MacOS, Linux, and Raspbian-based devices, you can directly download on the official website.
Apps Entertainment Leonflix DOWNLOAD

Step 2 - Install Leonflix App on PC/Laptop

  • If you havedownload, You stay here install Leonflix app and wait for the process to finish. If so, you just need to open it via the icon as shown in the following image.

Step 3 - Select or Search Movies and TV Series on Leonflix

  • As Jaka mentioned above, for how to use Leonflix you just have to choose a movie or TV series displayed on the main screen.
  • You can also use the features Search Box at the top to search for movies and TV series you want, gang.

Step 4 - Start Watching Movies on Leonflix

  • If you have selected a film, a display will appear containing the title, film rating, show date, duration, genre, and a brief description of the film. Pretty interactive, right?
  • If you want to watch a movie directly on the Leonflix application, you just have to click Play icon at the top.

Step 5 - How to Activate Subtitles on Leonflix

  • You don't even need here download subtitles on Leonflix, because in some films this is automatically available, you know. You just tap icon Subtitles at the bottom to select a language.

Step 6 - Save Leonflix Movie or TV Series

  • Unfortunately you can't download movies on Leonflix. But don't worry, you can also use the features Bookmarks to bookmark your favorite movies and TV series.

Step 7 - Watch Movies and TV Series Later

  • If you have marked it, then the movie or TV series will turn blue and will be displayed on the screen tabBookmarks on the Leonflix app. Very easy, right?

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Download New Leonflix!

The name of the application for watching the latest movies, of course there will be many Questions about Leonflix which is asked a lot on the internet. Jaka has also summarized some of them as follows.

1. Are Leonflix Android and iPhone Apps Available?

Photo source:

For now, the Leonflix app is still in beta status. Exactly version Leonflix Beta 0.7.0, gang.

Leonflix itself is also only available for PC and laptop devices can't be found on Google Play Store as well as in the form of an APK for the Android OS.

According to the official website, developer Leonflix is ​​currently still focusing on developing the PC version first.

But the good news, they already stated plans to create a Leonflix Android app in the future. If so, are you interested indownload?

2. Is Leonflix App Free To Use?

photo source:

Since it's still new and in beta, you can use the Leonflix application without any charge.

In addition, you also don't have to worry about the display of annoying ads like when accessing the site download movies or other free apps.

Now for those of you who want to support the development of Leonflix, party developer also open a donation service if you are interested in joining.

Oh yes, it should also be noted that in the future the Leonflix application will also charge users to support further development, you know!

3. Is the Leonflix App Safe to Watch?

photo source:

Based on Jaka's experience watching movies on Leonflix, no disturbance yet malware etc caused by using this application.

But legally, the Leonflix application still participates in the game spreading illegal content where on some platform You have to pay a certain fee.

So it's better if you look for safety and look for other alternatives at affordable prices. For example, Netflix, which is currently the cheapest package, you can buy with prices starting at IDR 50 thousand.

Well, that's the review of what Leonflix is ​​and how to do it download and use it, gang. Leonflix does look tempting, but its unclear status is also a cause for concern.

While waiting for the cinema schedule and watching your favorite latest movie, ApkVenue recommends that you use a legal movie-watching application that has been proven safe and comfortable to use.

Have any of you tried using the Leonflix application? Or maybe have other questions? Come on, don't hesitate to write in the comments column below, OK!

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