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7 of the best sad Thai movies that bring tears to your eyes

Not only western films that make you emotional, these sad Thai films are also guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. Do not believe? Watch it yourself!

Have you ever watched a movie but without realizing it, suddenly tears ran down your cheeks? If you have experienced this, you are not alone, gang.

There are many sad movies that can bring tears to our eyes. Not only romance dramas, there are also about friendship, family, and even animals.

One of the best drama-producing countries is Thailand. Although identical to horror and comedy films, in fact there are many too, you know, sad thai movie that can make you cry.

7 Sad Thai Movies That Bring You to Tears

In this article, ApkVenue will review some Thai movie recommendation sad who can shake a man's heart like Mike Tyson though. Although not based on a true story, this film is very close to reality.

There's no need to be ashamed, really, if you cry while watching the saddest Thai movie below. Instead of waiting any longer, just go ahead, let's see the following article!

1. Timeline (2014)

Timeline tells about Tan, a country boy who was raised by his mother alone because his father had died. Tan is accepted to study in the city with a heavy heart and has to leave his mother.

In the city, Tan feels troubled with all his affairs until he meets a girl who will become his best friend, June. Secretly, June likes Tan even though she knows Tan has a crush on her senior.

June who likes to play social media one day sent a message to Tan's Facebook but Tan never read it. Unfortunately, June died in an accident.

Will Tan know June's true feelings? You can't miss this sad Thai film!

Release Date13 February 2014
Duration2h 15min
GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorNonzee Nimibutr
CastJarinporn Joonkiat, Jirayu Tangsrisuk, Piyathida Woramusik
Rating6.8/10 (IMDb.com)

2. The Letter (2004)

The Letter is the saddest Thai film that will break your heart, gang. The reason is, this film tells the deep sadness of being abandoned by the people we love forever.

The story of a girl named god who attended his cousin's funeral. There, he met a man named Ton. They fell in love with each other and soon married.

Unfortunately, their happiness did not last long because Ton was diagnosed with brain cancer. Dew, who was devastated by the death of her husband, felt that she would not be able to move on.

One day, he received a letter written by Ton. Turns out, Ton wrote several love letters to Dew to keep him strong after Ton died.

DetailsThe Letter
Release Date24 June 2004
Duration1h 42m
GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorPaoon Jansiri, Pa-oon Chantornsiri
CastAnn Thongprasom, Attaporn Teemakorn, Supitsha Junlawattaka, Rawat Promrak
Rating6.9/10 (IMDb.com)

3. Friendship (2008)

As the title implies, this film raises the theme of friendship with thick romantic elements. Friendship tells a generic love story where hate grows into love.

Friendship tells the story of a teenage boy named Singha and his friends who always make fun of a girl named Mituna who never spoke.

They often fight, but this only makes Singha curious about Mituna. They also professed love, unfortunately fate made them unable to be together.

Release Date3 July 2008
Duration1h 34min
GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorChatchai Naksuriya
CastMario Maurer, The Fire Sakuljaroensuk, Chaleumpol Tikumpornteerawong
Rating6.4/10 (IMDb.com)

4. Sunset at Chaophraya (2013)

Another sad Thai film about feelings of hate that turn into love. Set in the era of world war 2, Sunset at Chaophraya tells the love story of a Japanese naval officer named Kobori to Angsumalin, a Thai girl.

At that time, Thailand was colonized by Japan. Angsumalin who hates Japan is betrothed to Kobori to strengthen relations between the two countries. Angsumalin hated Kobori even more because at that time he already had a girlfriend.

However, Angsumalin realized that Kobori's love for him was sincere. How will their love story next?

DetailsSunset at Chaophraya
Release DateApril 4, 2013
Duration2h 10min
GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorKittikorn Liasirikun
CastOranate D. Caballes, Nadech Kugimiya, Nitit Warayanon
Rating6.4/10 (IMDb.com)

5. A Little Thing Called Love (2010)

A Little Thing Called Love is one of the most successful and famous Thai sad films. If you've ever liked someone but didn't dare reveal it, this film is worth watching.

Tells the story of an ordinary girl named Nam who has a crush on the most handsome and popular boy in school named Shone. Everything Nam did, including changing her appearance to attract Shone.

In fact, Shone actually has a crush on Nam for a long time but doesn't dare to reveal it. Those who fell in love secretly finally had to separate because Nam was studying in America.

Their meeting years later will bring tears to your eyes. Shone is willing to wait for Nam without certainty in the hope that they can finally be together.

DetailsA Little Thing Called Love
Release Date12 August 2010
Duration1h 58min
GenreComedy, Romance
DirectorPuttipong Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn Wasin Pokpong
CastPimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon, Mario Maurer, Tangi Namonto
Rating7.6/10 (IMDb.com)

6. My True Friends (2012)

Unlike other films, My True Friend is a sad Thai film that has the theme of friendship. Although there are a few romantic scenes, it is the value of friendship in this film that will make you touched.

Telling Gun, a young man who became the leader of a gang. Despite that, he is a kind-hearted young man and puts his friends above all else.

This gang is often involved in fights with other gangs. Once upon a time, the Gun gang was faced with a critical problem and one of them had to sacrifice himself to defend his best friend.

DetailsMy True Friend
Release Date19 January 2012
Duration1h 43min
DirectorAtsajun Sattakovit
CastRanee Campen, Natcha Juntapan, Mario Maurer
Rating6.5/10 (IMDb.com)

7. The Teacher's Diary (2014)

Do you believe that love can exist between 2 people who have never met and know each other? Thai romantic sad film entitled The Teacher's Diary talk about it, you know.

Tells the story of a former wrestler named Song who swerved to become a teacher at a school in a remote area. His minimal experience made it difficult for him to teach his four students.

One day, he found the diary of a former teacher there named Ann. The diary tells about Ann's experience in dealing with these children. Song also felt helped by Ann's diary.

Song's admiration turns to love even though they haven't met at all. When Song has to come back and be replaced by Ann again, Ann finds Song's writing and also begins to fall in love.

Can the two of them meet?

DetailsThe Teacher's Diary
Release Date20 March 2014
Duration1h 50min
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
DirectorNithiwat Tharatorn
CastLaila Boonyasak, Sukrit Wisetkaew, Sukollawat Kanarot
Rating7.9/10 (IMDb.com)

Thus Jaka's article about 7 sad Thai films that drain tears. Although sad, these films teach positive values ​​that are valuable for life.

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