these are the 5 most expensive items in dota 2 of all time

Do you like playing Dota 2 games? This MOBA made by Valve has apparently launched a series of items with prices reaching hundreds of millions!

You Dota 2 game player?

Of course you already know Dota 2 which started from a modDefense of the Ancients in game Warcraft 3 It has a buying and selling mechanism items of a cosmetic nature.

Besides being known as a tournament with billions of prizes, this MOBA game also has many items that Valve sells in very limited quantities.

As items become scarce in Dota 2, this leads to an increase in the price of certain items that can even be reach hundreds of millions of rupiah.

The Most Expensive Item in Dota 2 Game

Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games from Valve with millions of players every month.

One way for Valve to maintain the level of enthusiasm of players is to roll out in-game items that can give a different feel to the graphics, and of course the prestige of the players who own them.

Through drop items and loot crates peddled in the game, many Dota 2 items are experiencing price ups and downs on Steam community market.

Since the beginning, many Dota 2 game items have reached the status ultra rare and stepped on the selling price in the range of tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Anything most expensive Dota 2 item ever? Here Jaka gives 5 summaries for those of you who want to know.

1. Legacy Ethereal Flames War Dog (Rp533 million)

On November 6, 2013, a thread appeared on the social media platform Reddit, announcing the auction of a courier item in the game Dota 2.

Named Ethereal Flames War Dog, this dog courier with a mask and flag accessory that resembles one of the Dota 2 Juggernaut heroes has finally been released at a price 38,000 US Dollars, gang.

If converted in Rupiah, this 38,000 US Dollars has a value of Rp533.520.000,-. Imagine, game items can be as expensive as 533 million!

2. Golden Baby Roshan (182 million)

In Dota 2, Roshan is a creature into the category Ancient Creeps and located at Roshan Pit.

It will take out Aegis when it's first defeated, too consumable items another at the next opportunity.

Golden Baby Roshan is a Dota 2 courier item that Valve released on events Diretide 2012. This courier item is given to the fastest player who can beat Roshan in events this.

In US Dollars, the Golden Baby Roshan has a value of 13,000 US Dollars, or reach IDR 182,520,000,-.

3. High End Legacy Couriers (168 million)

High End Legacy Couriers is bundling items which is a package of courier items consisting of 6 Immortal couriers.

These six courier items include Enduring War Dog, Trusty Mountain Yak, Fearless Badger, Stumpy, Mighty Boar, and Moroks.

Statistically, the owners of these 6 courier items are very limited in number, gang. Because to get it, you must have played Dota 2 since the beginning of its release in 2011.

In addition, you also need enormous luck in order to get drop items This High End Legacy Couriers.

The price of these High End Legacy Couriers has ups and downs, but has hit the mark 13,000 US Dollars which when converted to Rupiah is approx Rp168,480,000,-.

4. Platinum Baby Roshan (42 million)

Platinum Baby Roshan is the successor of Golden Baby Roshan. Released on events Diretide 2013, this courier item has a fundamental difference in color from its predecessor.

Players who participated in events Diretide 2013 that accompanied the event The International this must defeat Roshan and qualify for Sugar Rush Hall of Fame.

Cause limited to events Diretide 2013 only, this rare Platinum Baby Roshan has increased in price at community market.

It is noted that this item has reached the price 3,000 US Dollars, or about IDR 42.120.000,-.

5. Ax of Phractos (21 million)

Ax of Phractos This is quite unique from the previous row of Dota 2's most expensive items, because to have it you need to buy action figures Ax hero from Weta Workshop.

Only made as many as 1000 units, buyers action figures this is also rewarded with an item in the form of a fiery ax that can be used by Ax in Dota 2.

Ax is a hero in Dota 2 who uses an ax weapon, belonging to the type of hero Strength with skills Counter Helix and his Culling Blade.

Action figures This ax is priced at 1,500 US Dollars, or about IDR 21.060.000,-.

A total of 5 items above are a row most expensive game items so far in Dota 2. The factor that makes it expensive is of course rarity, where the limited edition can make users proud.

What do you think? Can gaming obsession justify buying? most expensive Dota 2 items earlier?

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