how to increase mp3 sound using android app

This modern music has indeed become the needs of most people. Even music can affect a person's life, you know. But sometimes music with MP3 format has low quality or sometimes the sound is small.

Have an MP3 file with low sound quality or low sound? Of course, this makes me really uncomfortable, especially if it's a favorite song. Anyway, it really makes the enjoyment of listening to music lessen.

Modern music has indeed become a necessity for most people. Even music can affect a person's life you know. But sometimes music with MP3 format has low quality or sometimes the sound is small.

But actually you can amplify MP3 sound via the Android application. Here's how to enlarge MP3 sound with the Android application. Check this out!

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How to Increase MP3 Sound Using Android Apps

Know Your Music File Type

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Before using the application, it's a good idea to know about the types of music files that are commonly used, namely: MP3 and FLAC. Both have advantages and disadvantages, for example the MP3 format which is smaller in size but lacking in quality. While FLAC has a large file size, the quality is much better than MP3.

MP3 Volume Booster Gain Load

To enlarge the MP3 sound you can use an application called MP3 Volume Booster Gain Load. You can download this application for free here.

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MP3 Volume Booster Gain Load has a quite unique feature, which is capable of amplifying the sound up to 2000%. The quality of the enlarged file also does not become damaged, but actually gets better. Even the MP3 quality is almost similar to FLAC files which is much better quality. To use it is quite easy, you can follow the following steps.

1. Open the App

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After you download the application, you can immediately try to open the application. In the initial view of your MP3 Volume Booster Gain Load you will be directed to user manual or instructions for use. You can understand it first or skip it straight away.

2. Adding Files

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The initial appearance of this application is quite simple and does not have many menus. Now to add an MP3 file that you want to enlarge, then you can select the menu + in the lower right corner. And in the next menu you just choose which file to enlarge.

3. Enlarge MP3

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You will automatically go to the main menu, where you can choose up to what percentage the file will be enlarged. After the file is selected you can click Boost to start the process. Wait until the process is complete, the process will run for a while depending on the magnification. When finished, you can check the results in the file manager, and if you want to enlarge other files, the method is the same as above.

How? It's quite easy, right now, the quality of your MP3 files is finished better from the previous. So that's how to enlarge MP3 sound with Android app. In this application there is also a paid version which has more features than the free version. Hope it is useful.

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