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what is telkomsel videomax? get free internet!?

When buying a Telkomsel internet package, there is such a thing as a Videomax quota. What is Telkomsel's Videomax? He said he could make free internet!?

Telkomsel provides many choices of internet quota package prices. However, not all of them are regular quotas, there are certain quotas that are specifically restricted.

For example, quota VideoMax. If you are a Telkomsel service user, you must have this quota in large quantities, right? Because it's never been used.

So, what is VideoMax Telkomsel? How to spend the quota?

VideoMax Telkomsel is

So what is Telkomsel's VideoMAX quota? Telkomsel's VideoMAX quota is Telkomsel's internet package that you can only use for streaming services video-on-demand certain only.

You can use this quota to access watching videos in the following applications:

  • Catch Play
  • hooq
  • Nicklodeon Play
  • SuperSoccer TV
  • Viu
  • Tribe

Usually Telkomsel's VideoMAX quota is given when you buy a certain internet quota bundling. So when you buy a bundling quota, you will get the main quota and this VideoMax.

The main quota is the one that can be used for 24-hour internet on all networks, and the VideoMAX quota is the one that is only used for entertainment services as explained above.

VideoMax Supported Video Streaming Services

In total, VideoMax supports six video streaming services as Jaka explained earlier. But what about video streaming services?

You can read the explanation and find out which one suits you as follows...

1. Catch Play

It is a service to watch various box office videos such as NetFlix. This service can be used either for free or a monthly subscription.

To Free, just provide a VideoMax quota and you can watch a total of 10 movies. If Subscribe, only IDR 45 thousand you can watch all movies.

Sign up now:Visit CatchPlay

2. Hooq

The movie you want to watch is not in Catch Play, can search in hooq lol. Before subscribing, if in doubt, you can try a trial for seven days.

If you are satisfied with the trial, then you only need to pay IDR 49 thousand for one month. Enjoy unlimited variety of movies and TV series.

Sign up now:Visit Hooq

3. Nickelodeon Play

Nickelodeon is one of the world's favorite cartoon channels, now you can enjoy it using VideoMax. Enough to spend IDR 29 thousand per month.

Enjoy a variety of famous cartoons such as Fairly Odd Parent, Sponge Bob Squarepant, and others. For those of you who like cartoons, just subscribe.

Sign up now:Visit Nickelodeon Play

4. SuperSoccer TV

As the name implies, it is a service for you football lovers. Starting from the world league, English league, Spanish league and others, all matches are complete.

The costs that need to be reached are also the same cheap, only IDR 29 thousand per month. Then enjoy a variety of the latest matches in HD resolution live.

Sign up now:Visit SuperSoccer TV

5. Viu

Complete variety of Korean dramas and films. Whether you want the latest Korean drama or the old one, there must be one. Search artist Lee Min Ho there is, Lee Jong Suk Yes, everything is complete.

Premium subscription price for this service, very affordable. That is just IDR 30 thousand only, free to enjoy a variety of Korean, Japanese and other Asian movies unlimited.

Sign up now:Visit Viu

6. Tribe

Is a competitor of Viu, so it's the same as showing a variety of the latest and latest Korean films. The latest 2019 Korean artist films are currently here.

The subscription price is also the same affordable, yaith IDR 30 thousand just. The price is relatively the same, yes, so it is very suitable to be used as an alternative to Viu.

Sign up now:Visit Tribe

How to Use VideoMAX?

As explained earlier, the VideoMAX quota can only be used to watch videos on the CATCHPLAY, HOOQ, Nicklodeon Play, SuperSoccer TV, VIU, and TRIBE applications.

So to use it you must first download the app. Here are the steps:

Step - 1

First download the application you want. It can be CATCHPLAY, HOOQ, Nicklodeon Play, SuperSoccer TV, VIU, or TRIBE.

Apps Entertainment HOOQ DOWNLOAD Apps Entertainment Vuclip Mobile Video DOWNLOAD Apps DOWNLOAD

Step - 2

If you have then open the application and login using your Telkomsel number.

Step - 3

After that the application will send an OTP code (One Time Password) to your cellphone.

Step - 4

Done and you can start streaming videos in the application. Automatically used VideoMAX quota package.

Photo source: Xiaomi Today

This VideoMAX quota package can be accessed on all networks guys, both 3G and 4G. This service can also be enjoyed by all Telkomsel customers, including Simpati, Loop, Kartu AS, and Kartu Halo.


Free Internet Using VideoMax!?

If you are not the type of person who likes to watch videos, it would be a shame, right, if this VideoMAX quota was wasted.

But don't worry, you can do it change VideoMAX quota to Flash quota 24 hours.

Here's how to change VideoMAX quota to regular quota:

Tricks to Change VideoMax Quota So Regular 24 Hours

Step - 1

To change the VideoMax quota to a regular 24 hours, you have to download the application Anonytun first.

Apps Utilities Art Of Tunnel DOWNLOAD

Step - 2

Once the application is installed, immediately run the application. Why should I use it? Anonytun? Because to be able to use the remaining VideoMAX quota into a regular Flash quota, you have to use a special port.

Step - 3

As soon as the application opens, click the button on the to the right side like picture.

Step - 4

After understanding what VideoMAX is and the function of Anonytun, you must have understood that Anonytun is a VPN application, right?

Continue by clicking click Toggle VPN and set it like the picture below so that the VideoMAX quota can become a regular quota.

Step - 5

If you have, please return to the Anonytun initial menu, then you open the menu Settings, then:

  • Activate stealth tunnel ON/OFF.
  • Connection Protocols: change to SSL
  • Ports: fill with 443
  • Activate Advanced SSL settings.

Step - 7

The next step you can directly click the menu SSL Edit settings:

  • Tick true SSL (anti DPI)
  • Tick spoof host: port
  • Spoof hosts part:,,,,,, OR (PLEASE TRY THE MATCHING)
  • Port spoof part: 80

Step - 8

After all the settings have been completed, please click OK and Save.

Step - 9

To try to connect to the internet using a VPN from the Anonytun settings, you just go back to Home and click Connect.

Step - 10

If successful, then you will see a connected sign as shown below. After that, start surfing with the usual quota from VideoMAX earlier. Finished!

The method above has been tried directly, and it works. There is no longer a lot of VideoMAX quota left just because it is not used on Jaka's cellphone at this time.

As for if you have problems, you can try to check article on how to change VideoMAX quota to regular quota the following:


Fun, right? That way you can use the VideoMAX quota like a regular Flash quota. You can use it for browsing, chatting, and others.

What's more, you can also use this quota for free for 24 hours!

That's the explanation what is VideoMAX quota and how to use it. Even Jaka provides a way to change the VideoMAX quota to a regular quota.

Now you know what VideoMAX is? If you like watching movies, this is definitely for you. Hope it is useful.

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