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5 tricks to get 1000 followers on instagram in 1 day

Here are some tricks that can be used to get Instagram followers quickly and for free.

Instagram become one of the most popular social media for sharing photos and videos that exist today.

Because of its popularity, not a few people sell to advertise or endorse a product on Instagram users who followersits a lot.

Get followers a lot for free is certainly not an easy thing on Instagram. Even so, there are some tricks that might be used to obtain followers Instagram quickly and for free.

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How to Get Instagram Followers Quickly

1. Unique Content

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Creating unique content is one of the best ways to accelerate revenue followers you. The unique content in question is that your post must be different from the others.

For example, you can make photos of landscapes or vehicles with a different angle than usual, biographies of certain people and other unique ideas.

2. Scheduled Posts

Photo: epignosischurch

At least in one day you have to post one new photo or video. Every post you publish on Instagram, of course, has the possibility to get followers new.

Don't publish too many pictures or videos. This will look "junk" on Instagram followers you and you will most likely be unfollowed. If you haveunfollow it means followers you are even less.

3. Hashtags

Photo: Gumco

Hashtags is also one of the important things that must be considered if you want to add followers Instagram quickly.

In general, people search for a specific image or video using a hashtags (#) to make the search easier.

To make hashtags on Instagram so much more powerful, you can do research on hashtags which is currently popular and then add it to the photo or video you want to upload.

If you don't have hashtags special, you can nebenghashtags people or other popular media to get famous quickly.

Make sure you put hashtags not in the caption but in the comments column. This is to make the photos or videos that you share look cleaner in the absence of hashtags in caption.

4. Watermark

photo: JalanTikus

Watermark (watermark) you can add to photos or videos that you make yourself (original). Type watermark the easiest is your Instagram address, for example @jalantikusid.

By adding a Watermark, you can benefit when someone repost or download your Instagram video photo and then share it on other social media, people who see it can directly visit the account of the creator of the content.

It is highly likely that person will follow Instagram you if he really likes your post.

5. AddMeFast

photo: AddMeFast

If all the methods above have been tried but have not gotten an improvement followers which is quite significant, you can try through the site AddMeFast.

The site provides a variety of like and followers Instagram that you can get for free and fast.

Not only Instagram, you can also add like, follower, view, share and so on on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Vine, Ask.FM, Pinterest, Soundcloud and many more. How to?

  • Visit site AddMeFast and register via link then you will automatically get 300 points.
  • After registering, select Add Site/Page at the top left.
  • Fill in the required sections:

    Type: Instagram Followers

    Countries: Worldwide

    Username: your Instagram

    Total Clicks: Off

    Daily Clicks: Off

    CPC: Fill 2-10 (the bigger it is, the faster your follower will be added.)

  • If you have, click Save Changes. Then you just have to wait.

Those are some ways that can be used to get Instagram followers quickly and for free. If you have another way, don't forget share in the comments column yes. Good luck!

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