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7 movies about polygamy are heart-wrenching, when love must be shared

Did you know that there are polygamous films made in Indonesia that have entered the Toronto Film Festival? Find out what films and other polygamous-themed films are available in Indonesia.

Polygamy is still an issue that is often discussed when national celebrities are heard to carry out this one practice.

Para netizens divided into two parts there are those who support this practice and there are also those who consider this an inappropriate thing to do.

Several filmmakers brought this issue to the small screen to try to describe how the parties involved in this practice felt.

7 Polygamy Themed Movies

Polygamy-themed films were made by Indonesian filmmakers to show the dynamics of this one more clearly from various sides.

The audience will be brought to witness how polygamy can occur, the feelings of the people involved in it, and also the perception of the surrounding environment about this.

What are the movies with polygamy themes in Indonesia? Here's more information.

1. Verses of Love (2008)

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This Islamic film may be the most recognizable film among other films that are on this list.

The verses of love with the theme of polygamy carried out by Fahri for acquit him of the rape charge against him.

Fahri married Maria after marrying Aisha to wake Maria from a coma who was a key witness in the rape case he was accused of.

After they got married, polemics began to emerge in his new family, and Fahri had to try to unite his two wives.

2. Sharing Husband (2006)

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This one film tries to describe polygamous life in 3 different situations.

This homeland film is divided into three separate parts with three different families and also ending which is different for each family.

Thanks to the neat and interesting packaging of the story, sharing husband got a pretty good rating on the IMDb site at 7.5/10.

3. Unmissable Heaven (2015)

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This polygamous-themed film is based on a novel entitled Asma Nadia and made into a film in 2015.

Unmissable Heaven talk about polygamy secretly what Prasetya did to help a depressed woman who was trying to commit suicide.

This secret is slowly being uncovered and ruined Pras' marriage with his first wife whose name is Arini.

This film tries to depict polygamy from a different angle where the man commits this practice by compulsion.

4. The Crying Husband (2019)

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This polygamous-themed film tells about the life of the late K.H. Arifin Ilham who during his life had practiced polygamy.

The source used to make this film is a book written by the wife of the deceased.

Prior to its release, this biographical film was blasphemed for raising the issue of polygamy in it and feared to trigger more widespread practice of polygamy.

Despite being blasphemed, the film was finally released in September 2019.

5. Two Heavens In My Love (2020, Coming Soon)

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This one movie tells about the practice of polygamy that is carried out openly that was done by Arham.

Arham is married to Husna who is his friend from childhood. Husna was later diagnosed with brain cancer and was sentenced to not live long.

They then meet Zilka, a woman who has just moved, who is attracted to Arham and Husna approves of her husband's marriage to this woman.

This movie trying to describe how polygamy requires a lot of sincerity so that the marriage can take place in harmony.

6. Athirah (2016)

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This film is a biographical film that based on the life story of the mother of the former Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla.

This film tries to raise the issue of polygamy in an environment where women have no room to refuse when her husband is polygamous.

Athirah highlights how the figure of a woman harbors all kinds of mixed feelings when her husband practices polygamy.

In addition, this Indonesian film also shows the inner turmoil of children in polygamous families who are confused about which side to defend.

7. Alone Diana Alone (2015)

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This polygamous-themed film highlights how a woman's feelings when faced with the fact that her husband wants to be polygamous.

If in general women will rebel and get angry, in this film Diana, as a polygamous woman, choose silence and suppress all the turmoil of his feelings.

Even though it is classified as a short film that only lasts 40 minutes, Diana Himself was screened on Toronto International Film Festival in 2015.

Those are 7 films that raise the issue of polygamy in it. Some of these films even became the subject of discussion because they raised sensitive issues.

Polygamy is still a polemic that has not yet reached a conclusion that accommodates all parties.

As a critical audience, we must not be the ones who blame judgment whether or not the parties involved in this issue agree or disagree.

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