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The 20 best funny & hilarious instagram accounts of 2019

Feeling tired and need entertainment? You don't need to spend money for the gang, because Jaka will recommend 20 funny and funny Instagram accounts!

Everyone needs entertainment to calm the bored mind because of routine. One of the most sought-after forms of entertainment is something that is funny and makes us laugh.

You should be grateful, gang, because now you don't have to spend a lot of money to get that kind of entertainment. You can watch all of this through various social media on your cellphone.

One of them is through Instagram. Jaka will give you a recommendation 20 funny Instagram accounts The best that can make you sick to your stomach from laughing too much.

20 Funny Instagram Accounts

Fortunately, there are many funny Instagram accounts that are very entertaining, gang! Both English and local speakers can provide fresh and entertaining jokes.

The memes displayed on these accounts are usually very related with our life. That's one of the things that makes us like the posts of these accounts.

So, what's up cute instagram account what you must follow?

Overseas Funny Instagram Accounts

We start with funny Instagram accounts from abroad. Jaka has chosen the best especially for you!

1. 9gag (50.5M)

Who doesn't know about this one account? @9gag already famous even before Instagram became as popular as it is today.

Starting from the website, 9gag displays various memes or actions that invite laughter. No wonder if the amount followersmore than 50 million.

2. sarcasm_only (13.5M)

Account @sarcasm_only is a meme account that leans towards women as its target market. Various everyday problems become a joke.

Appearance feed from this account it looks neat and minimalist. Types of existing posts can be text only or images with two lines of sentences.

3. bestvines (10.5M)

Want not to miss the viral news but still want to laugh? You better follow just @bestvines!

The types of funny memes that exist on this account are quite varied, from images to videos, they are all there. Of course, if something goes viral in the world, this account will make a funny version of it.

Learn more . . .

4. funnymemes (7.5M)

Almost all the humor contained in the account @funnymemes is an interesting video for the viewer.

The silliness stories of humans and animals in this account are enough to refresh our minds.

5. fun_bestvids (6.3M)

@fun_bestvids_ is also a funny Instagram account that focuses on video content. You can enjoy various funny events caught on camera here!

6. greater comedy (5M)

Next there is @gretaercomedy who is quite productive in collecting funny memes from all over the world.

I don't know who made the memes or funny videos, what is clear is that they managed to make us laugh out loud.

7. buzzfeed (4.6M)

@buzzfeed often make tweets someone is a joke. There really are a lot tweets funny circulating in cyberspace.

8. barked (3.9M)

Still one company with 9gag, @barked is an Instagram account that focuses on presenting funny videos about dogs.

Some are in the form of photos, some are in the form of videos. If you are a dog lover, you will definitely feel at home for a long time on this account.

9. bored (3.4M)

Account @bored is also an account that collects tweets funny that will keep you entertained. As the name implies, if you're feeling bored, you should follow this account!

10. meowed (3.1M)

Finally, there is an account @meowed. Just like barked, this site is still affiliated with 9gag. The difference is, this account records the funny behavior of cats from all over the world.

Indonesian Funny Funny Instagram Account

Indonesia doesn't want to lose either, gang! Lots of meme accounts that will make you laugh out loud!

1. slapstick (13.7M)

The first is @slapstick. You certainly know this one account, right? Slapstick is one of the meme accounts with a number of followers the largest reached more than 13 million people.

2. hilarious (8.6M)

Account @ngakakkocak you can choose as a medium of entertainment which is quite fun. The memes are taken from various sources in cyberspace.

3. meme.comik.indonesia (3.7M)

True to its name, @meme.comik.indonesia has a lot of funny memes that can make you laugh yourself.

Learn more . . .

4. tahilalats (3.1M)

Handcrafted comics @tahilalats already known for its absurdity. The most frequentlybully by netizens is the absence of a nose on each character.

5. awreceh.id (1.8M)

If you are under 18 years old, you can't follow this site! awreceh.id featuring jokes that sometimes smell like adults so that you who are still small can't see it, huh!

6. 1.cak (1M)

This site is known as Indonesia's 9gag. @1.cak this one isn't official, but the contents of the photos are quite entertaining!

7. rajaparody (993K)

Despite the word parody, @rajaparodi don't just upload parody pictures or videos, gang! Lots of other meme material that will make you laugh.

8. pennies but love (554K)

Like casual humor? You better follow account @recehtapisayang this one, gang! It's a joke, but it's a shame to skip it!

9. college student (338K)

If this one really describes the twists and turns of student life! @College student trying to invite us to laugh at the various stories that occur in the world of lectures.

10. don't be serious (216K)

Last one @janganserius. Just like the others, this account also has tons of memes to keep you relaxed and less serious.

So there you have it funny Instagram accounts that will make your life happier! Which one is your favourite? Write in the comments column yes!

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