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7 best conspiracy theory themed movies must watch, no. 6 controversial!

Do you believe that JFK's murder was a conspiracy? Find out what the best conspiracy films have been released to date.

Conspiracies are always an interesting topic of conversation because this discussion will never run out of material or followers.

The sensation of fear that the world we live in is not what it seems to make many people like to talk about conspiracies that may occur in this world.

Conspiracies also turned out to be the theme of Hollywood films several times and managed to make people who watched them feel paranoid.

The 7 Best Conspiracy Movies of All Time

Conspiracy-themed films had developed rapidly in Hollywood before the 90s because at that time the flow of communication was still simple and prone to interruptions.

This film genre gives its own charm by inviting the audience to explore important secrets in the world.

What are the best films about conspiracies ever made? Here's more information.

1. Marathon Man (1976)

Photo source: filmforum.org

This thriller is one of the best classic conspiracy films that must be watched for conspiracy theorists.

Marathon Man tells the story of a man who got caught up in a big conspiracy plot involving a ruthless Nazi doctor.

One of the most scene memorable in this movie is torture scene in dentist chair which if you watch it will make you horrified to consult with a dentist.

2. Michael Clayton (2007)

photo source: queensjournal.ca

It's not just the government that can create a big conspiracy, companies with billions of dollars in turnover also have the power to hide their crimes.

In Michael Clayton's film, the audience will be invited to slowly uncovering a conspiracy carried out by a large company to cover up their evil deeds with deception and even murder.

This movie is one of George Clooney's best films which is wrapped with an interesting story and also a cruel nuance that can make the audience shudder in fear.

3. Enemy of the State (1998)

photo source: latimes.com

This film illustrates well what happens if the government uses all its capabilities to commit crimes.

Enemy of the State tells the story of corrupt politicians and government agents who... kill other politicians to gain power.

The evidence of this crime then suddenly falls into the hands of a lawyer (Will Smith), and this lawyer must avoid being chased by agents who want to kill him.

The audience will be invited to witness how Will Smith struggles to survive to avoid the pursuit of the agent where every technology around him can track the lawyer.

4. The Insider (1999)

photo source: thedissolve.com

This film tells the story of a chemist who intends to tell the general public about the dangers of smoking.

The scientist then received threats from big cigarette companies that had always tried to cover up the bad effects of the products they made.

This film not only highlights the horror, but the story in it is also packaged very well and the performance of the actors is also very good.

5. Blow Out (1981)

Photo source: filmlinc.org

This film describes how scary it is when someone gets involved in a conspiracy plot by government officials.

Blow Out tells the story of an audio technician who accidentally records evidence of the premeditated murder of a politician.

The film, starring John Travolta, is very well made and is one of the classic conspiracy films that is worth watching.

6. Da Vinci Code (2006)

photo source: bbc.com

The Da Vinci Code is no longer trying to uncover a government conspiracy, this film taking the theme of a conspiracy carried out by a religious group.

Films based on novels best seller It tells the story of a conspiracy theory that Jesus had human descendants.

Although this one film takes a fairly sensitive issue, Da Vinci Code managed to make quite a profit at the time of broadcast.

7. Three Days of the Condor

photo source: nytimes.com

This one spy thriller can be said become the foundation for conspiracy-themed films to be produced and developed to date.

Charismatic acting from Robert Redford and also an interesting story in this film making the conspiracy film genre more famous and growing at that time.

Three Days of Condor also manages to describe well how difficult it is to survive for someone who is wanted by the government to die.

Those are the 7 best conspiracy films of all time that are still worth watching right now.

Although many are classified as classic films, the list of films on Jaka's list this time can still provide a gripping sensation for you when you are watching.

Many people believe that there are indeed many big conspiracies in this world, and are you one of them, gang?

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