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watch eiffel i'm in love 2 (2018) full movie

Who likes the love story between Adit and Tita in the Eiffel Im In Love movie? You must be interested in watching the sequel, entitled Eiffel Im In Love 2!

The 90s generation must have known about movies Eiffel I'm In Love played by Shandy Aulia as Tita dan Samuel Rizal as Aditi.

Many find the film very adorable, a combination of a romantic love story and a refreshing comedy.

Well, the story between Tita and Adit continues after a dozen years have passed. How will their relationship continue in the romantic comedy Eiffel I'm In Love 2 this one?

Eiffel I'm In Love 2 Movie Synopsis

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Tita (Shandy Aulia) and Adit (Samuel Rizal) has been in a long distance Jakarta-Paris relationship for 12 years.

However, Tita begins to feel pressure to get married because many of her high school friends are already married. He hoped that Adit would soon propose to him.

This hope seemed to be coming true when Tita's family decided to move to Paris. Connection long distance relationship they will end, Tita thought.

However, Tita's dream did not come true. There were many problems that came to them, which started when Adit could not pick up Tita in Paris.

Even though they have been in touch for a long time, Adit and Tita still often fight over trivial things. The climax was when Adit said that he was not ready to propose to Tita.

In the midst of this storm of problems, Tita's best friend appears named Adam (Martino Lio) who followed him to Paris. Unexpectedly, he immediately proposed to Tita.

Who should Tita choose? Does Tita have to end her relationship with Adit which has lasted for 12 years?

Interesting Facts about Eiffel I'm In Love 2

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As a sequel to the legendary romantic film, of course the Eiffel I'm In Love 2 movie has lots of interesting facts. Anything?

  • In this sequel, there was a change of director from Nasri Cheppy Becomes Rizal Mantovani. The change occurred because Nasri had died.

  • Melly Goeslaw and Anto Hoed re-coupled as filler soundtrack film.

  • The majority of the old players reappear in this film. Apart from the two main characters, there are Beautiful Saphira, Tommy Kurniawan, Hilda Arifin, until Helmy Yahya.

  • Unlike the previous one, this film has more background Paris City romantic ones.

  • For Shandy Aulia, the most difficult scene in this film is wearing thin clothes in the middle of the night and the weather is very cold.

  • Shandy Aulia and Samuel Rizal watching a movie Eiffel I'm In Love The first is in preparation for filming. As a result, they were both amused to see themselves a dozen years ago.

Watch Eiffel I'm In Love 2

TitleEiffel I'm In Love 2
Show14 February 2018
Duration1 hour 57 minutes
ProductionSoraya Intercine Films
DirectorRizal Mantovani
CastShandy Aulia, Samuel Rizal, Saphira Indah, et al
Rating6.9/10 (313)

Movie appearance Eiffel I'm In Love 2 this is a longing consolation for fans of the legendary story of Adit and Tita.

Even though a dozen years have passed, the character of the spoiled Tita and the indifferent Adit is still maintained, making us feel nostalgic.

For those of you who want to watch this film, just click the link below!

>>>Watch Eiffel I'm In Love 2<<<

Overall, this film is very enjoyable to watch, especially for those of you who have seen the first film.

We will be made to laugh and baper together at the same time. Moreover, it seems that this film will be the end of the story of Tita and Adit.

Are there other Indonesian romantic films that you would like to see? Write in the comments column, yes!

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