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How to 'steal' people's Instagram profile photos easily!

Do you like stalking on Instagram? You must have been curious about people's Instagram profile photos and wanted to see them. It's very easy!

You don't have to be an Instagram artist, this application can be used to find inspiration fashion until stalking crush. How can I not, many people update more often on Instagram or Instagram Stories to share their photos and videos. Fun, right?

Unfortunately, until now we can't see Instagram profile photos, so we can only see the posts. But, JalanTikus there is a way to save people's Instagram profile photos!

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How to View and Save People's Instagram Photos

The more exciting, now we can zoom people's posts on Instagram. But unfortunately we can't zoom people's profile photos. Even though you must have been curious about people's Instagram profile photos, right?

To view and save people's Instagram profile photos, try the following steps:

  • Open and login Instagram in the browser. It is more convenient to open it on a PC, than in a smartphone browser.
  • Please find the Instagram profile of the person you want to see their profile photo for, then go to their Instagram profile.
  • Right-click on the target's profile photo. Then select Open image in new tab.
  • Voila, The target's Instagram profile photo finally shows up!
  • Small photos? Don't worry, you can resize the photo.
  • Now it's bigger and clearer, right? You can save the photo too!

Those are tips for easily viewing and saving people's Instagram profile photos. Good luck!

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