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watch korean drama suits (2018) sub indonesia

Curious about the story of a handsome fake lawyer? Come on, watch the Korean drama Suits (2018) full episode Indonesian Sub here!

Today, South Korean entertainment products have reached all parts of the world. Starting from electronic products, music, even Korean dramas, gangs.

One of the Korean dramas that has been busy since 2018 is Suits. This drama is an adaptation of the American series of the same name.

If you are curious to know what the story of the drama entitled Suits is like, don't go anywhere, gang!

Synopsis of Korean Drama Suits (2018)

Choi Kang-Seok (Jang Dong-Gun) is a genius lawyer who has just been made a senior partner at a well-known law firm, Kang & Ham Law Firm.

Meanwhile, Go Yeon-Woo (Park Hyung-Sik) is a poor young boy who has a photographic memory that allows him to remember anything he sees.

However, because he was poor he could not achieve his dream as a lawyer. Day-to-day, he works as a valet parking attendant.

In order to pay for his grandmother's hospital fees, Yeon-Woo goes to deliver drugs to the hotel room. However, there he was framed and chased by the police.

To avoid being chased by the police, he disguises himself as one of the potential applicants as a lawyer at the law firm where Kang-Seok works.

Because of his genius, Yeon-Woo is accepted to work as a junior lawyer under Kang-Seok even though he doesn't have a license to become a lawyer.

The decision is certainly dangerous for both. What's the next story? Watch this article until it's finished, gang.

Interesting Facts about Korean Drama Suits (2018)

So that you are more curious and curious about the story of the drama titled Suits (2018), Jaka will tell you some interesting facts from this drama.

  • Unlike other dramas that present romantic scenes, Suits actually offers suspense for suspense.

  • Although adapted from the American TV series of the same name, the story of this Korean drama is quite different from the original version.

  • The American version of Suits lasted for 7 seasons while the Korean version only ran for 20 episodes. Of course, every episode will be full of conflict.

  • Although the age gap between the two actors is quite far, however chemistry presented by two actors across generations, Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyung-sik looks really good.

Nonton Drama Korea Suits (2018) Sub Indo

Rating8.7 (Asianwiki.com)
Number of Episodes16 Episodes
Release DateApril 25 - June 14, 2018
DirectorKim Jin-Woo
PlayerJang Dong Gun

Jin Hee-Kyung

Presenting action and suspense, of course the Korean drama Suits (2018) is suitable for viewing for both men and women.

This time, Jaka wants to give you a link to watch Korean drama Suits with Indonesian subtitles legally and safely below.

>>>Watch Korean Drama Suits Indonesian Subtitles<<<

Even though it brings unusual drama elements, this drama can still be enjoyed by those of you who like romantic dramas, really. The actors are also handsome, really!

If you have a recommendation or request for another best Korean drama, you can write it in the comments column, gang!

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