how to successfully enter the first ball in the 8 ball pool game

For those of you who are new to trying and are eager to get interesting tips and tricks about the 8 Ball Pool game, through the following article we will present breaking off tips and tricks in the 8 Ball Pool game.

Do you like a fun pool game called 8 Ball pool? Or even now you have become a master in it? For those of you who are new to trying and are eager to get interesting tips and tricks about the popular game from Miniclip, through the following article we will present tips and tricks breaking off in the game 8 Ball Pool.

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With you following these tips and practicing diligently, you will surely understand where the ball is going and of course you can enter the ball even when it's your first time breaking the ball (breaking off).

Don't rely on hitting the ball in front of you from a middle position

It's called luck, there are people who, when starting a match, just hit the white ball from the center of the table to the front ball. However, it will be very difficult to enter the ball from the group if you still rely on sticks (cue) standard or cue cheap, because the punch is less powerful. Try to target a ball other than the leading ball and place the white ball (cue ball) other than in the center of the table.

Try to hit two balls

When you direct the ball, then guidelines will be here to help give preview where will the white ball and target ball go. When you are the first shooter, try to aim the white ball at certain balls and then bounce to other balls. The easiest sign is guidelines the very end will form the letter V which indicates the white ball will bounce in the other direction drastically.

The Ultimate Ball? No problem

This method has become a classic method but has always been a mainstay of various veteran players in the 8 ball Poll. Put your white ball on the bottom of the table, and aim it at the far left ball. Try to slightly direct the reflection of the white ball into the lower right hole. This stroke will almost certainly get the top end ball into the top right hole, thankfully it can get other balls too. But keep in mind, this shot has the risk of simultaneously inserting your white ball into the lower right hole as well. Therefore, in the next point, we will explain how to prevent it. Joss..

Rely on Spin

Following the previous tips, you do run the risk of putting a white ball into the hole the first time break off. However, 8 Ball Pool also provides features spin which can help you deflect the white ball when it collides with another ball. When following the previous point, you can combine hitting the white ball to the back end of the ball, and back spin, namely directing the stick stroke towards the bottom of the ball. This makes your balls tend to move backwards when they collide with other balls, so they won't go into the hole.

However, spin on break off it will be more toxic when you use a stick (cue) which is proper and not default. So always experiment with other types of sticks.

Different Sticks Different Taste

This is one of the factors that makes good people always have a higher luck factor than ordinary people. They rely on sticks with skills which is better than the default stick. It's true that there must be money or coins sacrificed for the stick, but if you get it feelOf course, premium sticks do give a different feel to the first hit. Starting from a much more powerful power, to spin cooler one.

Other Positions Worth Trying

Also try to direct the white ball to the left or right of the leading ball. But don't forget to place your white ball too in an unusual position. Usually the white ball in a position that is close to the edge of the table has a larger shooting space than if it is placed in the center of the table. Sports Games DOWNLOAD
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