the complete list of the latest realme indonesia service centers 2020

Need a complete and clear address for a realme service center? These are the addresses and telephone numbers for the most complete realme service centers from all over Indonesia.

realme to be one brand smartphone manufacturer that dominates the smartphone market in Indonesia.

This smartphone manufacturer always releases a new model every year either way entry level or also flagship smartphones. This is also supported by a large number of realme service centers.

Many realme service centers are available throughout Indonesia to support the maintenance needs of the smartphones they produce.

Realme Service Center Complete List

Realme service centers are placed in every major city and are not centralized in only one area and even in some large areas there is more than one service center that can be accessed.

The large number of service centers and their comprehensive distribution are part of realme marketing to reach more consumers.

Where are the realme service centers that you can access? Here's the full list.

Service Center realme Jakarta

realme service center in JakartaAddress and Contact
realme Exclusive Service Center RoxyRoxy Mas Complex Blok E2 No.3

Phone 021-6342449

realme Authorized Service Center ITC Cempaka MasITC Mall Cempaka Mas LT. 06 Block H No. 1-6

Phone 021-4228339

realme Authorized Service Center ITC RoxyITC Roxy Mas Ruko Complex Blok D2 No. 4&5 (Beside Tarzan)

Phone 021-6335564

realme Authorized Service Center ITC KuninganITC Kuningan Mall Lt. 03 Block F1 (Next to the Mosque)

Phone 021-57938281

realme Authorized Service Center East JakartaJl. Raya Dewi Sartika No. 353 (Beside Arahma Medical Center) East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 13640

Phone 021-22855204

realme Authorized Service Center North JakartaJl. Raya Pluit Permai (Mega Mall Pluit) No. 54, Pluit, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 14450

Phone 021-6683788

Realme Bekasi and Bogor Service Centers

Realme Service Center in Bekasi and BogorAddress and Contact
realmi Authorized Service Center HypermallMega Bekasi Hypermall Lt 2 No. 177-185

Phone 021-89456991

realme Authorized Service Center Bogor Trade MallBogor Trade Mall Lt. 2 Blocks E-03-001, 002 and A02-005, 006, 007

Phone 0251-7546182

Realme Tangerang and Depok Service Centers

realme service center in Tangerang and DepokAddress and Contact
realme Authorized Service Center Saladdin Square ComplexSaladdin Square Blok C Complex No. 39-40

Phone 021-29318769

realme Authorized Service Center Tangerang City BusinessTangerang City Business Park Ruko Blok B No. 3

Phone 021-22599644

realme Authorized Service Center Supermall KarawaciE Center Supermal Karawac, Lt. LG Blok A9 Jl. Diponegoro No. 105 Tangerang, Banten 15811|

Phone 021-5466285

Service Center realme West Java

In addition to the Jabodetabek area, Realme also has many service centers that can be accessed in West Java, including the Realme Service Center in Bandung.

West Java is indeed a fairly large smartphone market so that various well-known smartphone brands also have service centers in this province.

The following is a complete list of realme service centers in West Java (outside Jabodetabek).

Realme Service Center in West JavaAddress and Contact
realme Exclusive Service Center BECIstana Bandung Electronic Center Lt 3 A-06

Phone 022-86012785

realme Authorized Service Center BECIstana Bandung Electronic Center Lt UG AC-02

Phone 022-20510111

realme Authorized Service Center PajajaranJl. Pajajaran No. 39, Bandung, West Java 40171

Phone 022-20521462

realme Authorized Service Center Tritan PointTritan point shop

Phone 022-63729961

realme Authorized Service Center CibinongCibinong City Center Shophouse Complex Block B No. 32

Phone 021-29335286

realme Authorized Service Center CikampekCikampek Mall Shophouse Complex Block A-15

Phone 0264-8330919

realme Authorized Service Center CikarangCikarang Wholesale Center Lt. LG No. 1-3

Phone 021-22182788

realme Authorized Service Center CimahiJl. Raya Cimindi No. 150A Bandung, West Java 40535

Phone 022-20565505

realme service center CirebonRuko CSB Mall Gold Sunset No.19

Phone 0231-8291328

realme Service Center GarutGarut Hyper Square Kav. A21-22

Phone 0262-2802967

realme Service Center KarawangRuko Grand Plaza Blok IV No. 21-22

Phone 0267-8407682

realme Service Center KuninganRuko G-H, Jl. Veterans, Kuningan, West Java 45511

Phone 0232-8900901

realme Authorized Service Center PurwakartaJl. Ibrahim Singadilaga, Purwakarta, West Java 41115

Phone 0264-8641599

realme Authorized Service Center SubangJl. Lt. Gen. Suprapto No. 05, Subang 41211

Phone 0260-4240283

realme Authorized Service Center SukabumiRuko Cisuda Riverside Blok. C

Phone 0266-6223102

realme Authorized Service Center TasikmalayaTasik Indah Plaza No. 3

Phone 0265-7296792

Service Center realme Central Java

Not much different from West Java, realme has also opened many service centers in Central Java Province.

Some service places such as the realme Semarang and Kudus Service Centers are deliberately made to reach more consumers in the area.

For those who need a list of realme Service Centers in Central Java, here's more information.

Service Center realme Central JavaAddress and Contact
realme Authorized Service Center CilacapShophouse A1 Floor 1

Phone 0282-5392091

realme Authorized Service Center KudusAhmad Yani Shophouse Complex 001

Phone 0291-4101678

realme Authorized Service Center MagelangGiant Supermarket Lt 2

Phone 0293-3193416

realme Authorized Service Center PatiJl. Pemuda No.275, Pati, Central Java 59115

Phone 0295-4101060

realme Authorized Service Center PekalonganJl. Hasanuddin No. 49, Pekalongan, Central Java 51126

Phone 0285-421863

realme Authorized Service Center PurwokertoJl. Karang Kobar No 44A, Purwokerto, Central Java 53115

Phone 0281-7772239

realme Authorized Service Center SemarangPure Ruko Blok C&D (Beside Swiss House Bakery)

Phone 024-3584020

realme Authorized Service Center SoloThe Park Solo Integrated Complex (Sennia Phone Center)

Phone 0271-5721956

realme Authorized Service Center SragenJl. Raya Sukowati No.123A, Sragen Kulon, Sragen, Central Java 57212

Phone 0271-8851087

realme Authorized Service Center TegalJl. Captain Soedibyo No. 128 lt. 2 RT/RW l 01/03 Tegal City

Phone 0283-4534405

Service Center realme Jogja

Jogjakarta is also another province where realme is expanding its smartphone marketing wings.

Realme Jogja's Service Center has also become a must-have thing to support its efforts to reach more customers.

The following is the address for the realmi Jogja service center.

Service Center realme JogjaAddress and Contact
realme Authorized Service Center JogjaJogjatronik mall Lt.1 Blok D4

Phone 0274-4545448

Service Center realme East Java

Service Center realme East JavaAddress and Contact
realme Authorized Service Center BanyuwangiJl. Brawijaya Karangente No. 141-142 (In front of Pertamina gas station), Banyuwangi, East Java 68418

Phone 0333-4465548

realme Authorized Service Center BlitarJl. TGP Ruko TGP No.6, Blitar, East Java 66111


realme Authorized Service Center BojonegoroJl. Attorney General Suprapto No. 90 Bojonegoro, East Java 62118

Phone 0353-2893008

realme Authorized Service Center JemberJember Roxy Square Lt. Basic Unit 10 Link Gerdu

Phone 0331-4350009

realme Authorized Service Center KediriRuko Hayam Wuruk Trade Center Block A3-4

Phone 0354-2891799

realme Authorized Service Center LamonganShophouse Permata Blok D. 27

Phone 082337718787

realme Authorized Service Center MadiunJl. Diponegoro No. 110, Madiun, East Java 63122, Indonesia

|Phone 0351-4773853

realme Authorized Service Center Soekarno Hatta MalangJl. Soekarno Hatta No. 02 ((Soekarno Hatta Apartment Complex), Malang, East Java 65141

Phone 0341-4378061

realme Authorized Service Center Kawi MalangJl. Kawi no.54-A, Malang, East Java 65116

Phone 0341-5082217

realme Authorized Service Center MojokertoJl. Gajah Mada No. 140, Mojokerto, East Java 64314

Phone 0321-5281597

realme Authorized Service Center PamekasanJl. District 97, Pamekasan, East Java 69316

Phone 0324-3515920

realme Authorized Service Center ProbolinggoJl. Soekarno Hatta No. 43 A-B, Probolinggo, East Java 67211

Phone 0335-4494120

realme Authorized Service Center SidoarjoRuko Suncity Mall Blok B-11

Phone 031-99707438

Service Center realme Surabaya EMALL WTCEMALL WTC 3rd Floor No. 3001 - 3004

Phone 081-553795379

Service Center realme Surabaya Pakuwon Super MallPakuwon Supermal/Trade Center LGF Floor Block A5-12 & 15 West Door

Phone 031-7390363

Service Center realme Surabaya Plaza MarinaPlaza Marina Lt 3 FC 16 - FC 19

Phone 031-8413691

Service Center realme Surabaya Jl. SulawesiJl. Sulawesi No. 42, Surabaya, East Java 60246

Phone 031-5013233

Realme Service Center Outside Java

Not only in Java, realme has also opened many service centers outside Java to Papua.

With the increasing number of realme smartphone users, the number of service centers will make it easier for realme users to take care of their smartphones.

The following is a list of realme service centers outside Java that you can access.

Service Center realme Palembang

Service Center realme PalembangAddress and Contact
Service Center realme palembangPalembang Square Complex No. R-008 & R-009 ( Next to PalTV )

Phone 0711-5733399

Service Center realme Medan

Service Center realme MedanAddress and Contact
Service Center realme Medan FairPlaza Medan Fair Lt. IV No. A1

Phone 061-80512231

Service Center realme Lampung

Service Center realme LampungAddress and Contact
Service Center realme Lampung Cut Nyak DienJl. Cut Nyak Dien No. 18 A, Bandar Lampung 35115

Phone 0721-5603910

Service Center realme Sulawesi

Service Center realme SulawesiAddress and Contact
Service Center realme MamujuJl. KS Tubun No. 42 B (Beside Mamuju Prosecutor's Office), Mamuju, West Sulawesi 91511

Phone 0426-2322922

Service Center realme Kalimantan

Service Center realme KalimantanAddress and Contact
Service Center realme KetapangJl. R Suprapto No 72B (next to the Mobile Palace) Ketapang, West Kalimantan 78812

Phone 0534-3032444

Service Center realme Papua

Service Center realme PapuaAddress and Contact
Service Center realme Papua JayapuraPacific Permai Ruko Complex Block F No. 13, Bhayangkara, North Jayapura, Jayapura

Phone 0967-551735

That's the complete list of realme Service Centers throughout Indonesia, the latest in 2020, gang.

You can use the list that Jaka has created to find the location of the realme service center closest to you.

Hopefully this list is useful, gang for all of you and your realme cellphones are still in their best condition.

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