how to remove dead pixels on android smartphone

Do you have a smartphone whose screen is black because of Dead Pixel? If so, JalanTikus there is a way to get rid of Dead Pixels on Android smartphones.

In addition to the specifications of the kitchen runway and camera, the smartphone screen is something that must be considered when buying a new smartphone. The reason is that while using a smartphone, we will definitely do full control through the screen. So when the screen is problematic, our smartphone is over.

One of the problems with Android smartphones that use touch screens is Dead Pixel. Admit it, some of you must have experienced a smartphone with a Dead Pixel screen, right? Don't panic, JalanTikus is here how to get rid of Dead Pixel on Android smartphone.

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What are Dead Pixels?

For some people, it may be familiar with the term Dead Pixel. But, there are also those who don't know what Dead Pixel is. For information, Dead Pixel is sometimes also known as Dot Pixel.

Dead Pixel or Dot Pixel is a term that refers to a screen defect in the form of a black dot or blank on the surface of the screen. Dead Pixels are found in all products that use LCD, such as smartphones, notebooks, televisions, cameras and others.

How to Remove Dead Pixels on Android

In addition to damaging the screen display with black spots, Dead Pixel also interferes with the performance of the smartphone screen. The more the Dead Pixel smartphone is used, the larger the surface will be. So, let's get rid of Dead Pixel on Android smartphones in the following way:

  • To heal your smartphone screen that is damaged due to Dead Pixel, you can use the application Pixel Fixer. So, let's download the Pixel Fixer APK and install it on your smartphone!
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  • Once installed, there is no special procession. You will be presented with a warning screen. This view contains a reminder if you have PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy) or Epilepsy symptoms triggered by light visualization, you should not look at the presented display. To process it, press the checklist icon in the lower right corner.
  • Next, your smartphone screen will be faced with fast moving colorful display. Let the process run until you see the Dead Pixel display on the screen disappear.

After you feel that your Dead Pixel has decreased or disappeared, then stop the process. If after doing this process repeatedly but the Dead Pixel on your smartphone screen does not decrease, it means the damage is very severe. Thus you have to change the screen to service center, or buy a new smartphone.

Good luck trying to get rid of Dead Pixels on Android smartphones with this Pixel Fixer application! Hopefully your smartphone affected by Dead Pixel can recover in this way.

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