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internal memory full fast? These 5 android apps are the solution

Here, ApkVenue has several applications that can be a solution to save the use of internal memory that quickly fills up. Check out the reviews, come on!

Having a smartphone with a small internal memory capacity is annoying. User will feel limited in installing any desired application. Moreover, some smartphones sometimes do not provide a slot for external memory thus narrowing the storage space. Not to mention many cache unimportant which automatically fills the internal memory and makes it full fast.

If you are a smartphone user with a large internal memory, small capacity, you must often feel discomfort when doing various activities with a smartphone. Not only in terms of installing applications, but also saving videos, photos, music, and others. Well, here Jaka has some applications that can be a solution to save the use of internal memory that quickly fills up. Check out the reviews, come on!

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These 5 applications are solutions for saving internal memory that are full quickly

1. Mega Cloud Storage

This one application provides storage space up to 50GB for free for Android users who are not satisfied with the existing internal memory capacity. In Mega Cloud Storage, you can save files such as photos, videos and other documents so that your internal memory can be more spacious and used to install applications only. No need to worry, this application guarantees the security of the files you save, so they won't leak to others.

2. Gallery Doctor

One of the factors why the internal memory fills up quickly is the presence of files such as photos or videos that are duplicate itself or unimportant files that occupy memory. Therefore, you need Gallery Doctor to detect the storage capacity of the internal memory and calculate unnecessary photos or videos that may be duplicated or take up too much space.

3. CC Cleaner

Internal memory that fills up quickly even though you don't have many applications installed, you need to clean it. Because, there are many unimportant files that fill the storage space. With the app CC Cleaner, you only need one tap and this application will tell you anything that makes your internal memory full quickly and helps free up more memory. In addition to maintaining the internal memory capacity, CC Cleaner is also useful take care of CPU, RAM and battery so that smartphone performance remains optimal.

4. SD Maid

The amount of garbage that fills the internal memory makes you unable to install applications or save other files. Application Elementary School Maid will help detect all the junk that fills the device and clean it quickly. Duplicated files will automatically be deleted so that the memory not full fast. In fact, this application can delete the default smartphone programs that make the memory fuller.

5. Cloud Storage Box

Box offers storage space of 10GB for Android users with small internal memory. In this application you can store various files including important documents, internet downloads, photos, videos to music. By using **Cloud Storage Box*", you can save internal memory so you can install more applications.

That's him 5 applications that can be a solution to save your Android smartphone's internal memory which fills up quickly. Hope it is useful.

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