internet dead? try these 10 chrome games that can be played offline

Google chrome games that you can play offline are certainly very useful if played. Do you often experience Internet dead, confused about what to do? Do not worry

Do you often experience Internet shutdown, and are confused about what to do? Don't worry, while waiting for a normal Internet connection again, let's just play the game. These games can be played directly from the browser.

In addition to the cool game, how to play it is also easy and guaranteed not to make your computer or gadget so annoying.hang. Curious? Come on, give it a try Chrome games offline the following.

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Internet Dead? Try these 10 Chrome Games that Can Be Played OFFLINE

Action & Arcade Games

1. Tank Riders

This Chrome game tells the story of a battle between tanks with the theme 3D action games. In game Tank Riders, you must first attack the enemy that comes through the fence and shoot to wipe out the opponent. This game has 3 game modes, namely Campaign, Multiplayer, and Invasion.

During the game, you can only control this game via the keyboard. To move the tank, you can use arrow keys or keys A,S,W,D. As for shooting, you can use a combination Space key and J and L keys. Defense, attack and death will dominate this Tank Riders game.

2. Funky Karts

Chrome Games offline named Funky Karts has a storyline about how to avoid dangerous objects, pass through sharp obstacles that surrounds it, and collect coins/items another precious inside Funky Karts. There is 48 challenging levels what to go through while playing Chrome games offline this. Complete each level to unlock new worlds. Each level will provide a funny and exciting story. You can use arrow keys or arrow on the keyboard to perform the action jump, flip, and bounce while playing this game.

3. Basketball & Ball

Chrome game named Basketball & Ball it can provide a unique and different basketball game experience. Gameplay provided by this game is quite simple and fun. You simply bounce the ball and put it in a basket or basketball with different obstacles in each level. Even though it's easy, you still have to be able to enter the ball with a predetermined time limit.

Board & Card Games

4. Mancala

While playing games Mancala, you will feel like you are playing a traditional game that is now rarely played. This game belongs to the classic games that are very fun to play. The proof is that this game has become one of the popular games in the ranks of games on Chrome. You can play this game with mode single player or multiplayer.

5. Solitaire

For you Windows users, you should be familiar with this game. Yes, Solitaire available on Chrome in nine versions, including Klondike, Pyramid, Free Cell, and Spider. Instead of dead Internet style, just play all versions of this Solitaire game!

Puzzle Games

6. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope this ever won an award as one of the games that fun and fall into the category physics puzzler which are fun. Not much different from the mobile version, this game also requires you to complete obstacles by feeding monsters Om Nom while collecting three stars at the same time for each level.

7. 2048

Games puzzle this one is still a popular game by category brain teaser. Gameplay given in this game simply by sliding each number up, down, right, and left. Each number shifted must be the same number. For example, to make the number 4, you must combine the number 2, and so on until it reaches number 2048. Very difficult isn't it?!

8. Word Search Puzzle Game

For you game enthusiasts puzzle, Word Search Puzzle Game may be fairly simple but must be tried. Gameplay given this game is also not difficult. You simply search for words related to a particular theme that you have previously selected. This game also provides a variety of unique themes such as reptile themes, astrology, animals, and many more.

9. Link All

One more game puzzle challenge which is fun on Chrome, especially if it's not Link All. This game is very simple but has a high level of difficulty. The goal of the game is to make a path by connecting each node before it reaches the end. The red line is an obstacle that you must pass during the game. To make a move, you just have to select the vertices you want to move to and create a path.

Strategy Games

10. Polycraft

For those of you who are interested in strategy-themed Chrome games, this game can be the best choice to try. Besides being able to be played when offline, this game can also be invited to accompany you in spending time waiting for the Internet to die. Chrome Games offline it tells the story of how to survive from an island in Polycraft.

In this game you will be in an unknown environment and will often encounter strange creatures. But don't worry, you will build a new life and fend off incoming enemies by applying strategies to the scenario tower defense.

Played Chrome games offline this will indeed take a lot of time but there is no need to worry because you can still continue this game by saving the game progress. The method is by login through Google Account that you have or through the local storage feature that can be selected as desired. So, which is your favorite game?

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