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how to quickly delete search on instagram until clean

Do you want to delete search on your latest version of Instagram? Use these powerful tips to delete history on IG. 100% Works!

Instagram search field make you hard move on because there is still an ex's face? Or you run out stalk beautiful girl is always scared caught your ex?

This is bound to happen if you still frequent the account, automatically when you search for something through the top column of Instagram search, the account you've been looking for will always appear.

To get around this, you have to figure out how to remove search suggestions on Instagram.

Here's How to Delete Search History on Instagram!

Benefits of Deleting Search on Instagram

Clearing this search history has several benefits Hey guys. By deleting your search field automatically be more 'clean'. Because everything you've ever typed and entered is lost instantly.

In addition, by deleting the search field, you will not be confused to find a new IG account that you will visit often later.

For some people, clearing search history is also useful to avoid clashes with their partner who likes pranks check your cell phone.

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How to Delete Search on Instagram Easily

Method 1: Delete Search Field Search Manually

Actually you can manually delete your Instagram searches very quickly how come!

The way you just need enter the search field then delete your IG search history by pressing the ' buttonX' next to the Instagram accounts you want to delete.

Method 2: Delete Search Column Search Completely

For you who likes looking for 'weird' things On Instagram, you don't have to worry anymore if your friends borrow your cellphone, because what you are looking for is no longer there.

The method is also easy, no need to use any additional applications!

Immediately, let's follow the steps to delete Instagram search:

Step 1: Go to Settings

The first step you have to do is open the Instagram application and go to the page Profile, which contains a feed of your personal Instagram posts.

After that tap the icon Option which is in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Select Menu Clear Search

After that tap the menu Settings which is at the bottom.

Next enter the menu Search History to continue the step how to delete search on Instagram.

Step 3: Done!

Now you have entered the Search History menu, just tap Clear Search History.

After that a re-confirmation will appear, select Yes, I'm Sure. Now try to check the search field in the explore tab, and see the results.



There he is guyshow to clear search on Instagram. Now you can move on because your ex's account no longer appears in your Instagram search column.

There's no need to be ashamed if your friend or girlfriend opens your Instagram account. Good luck!

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