5 ways to solve applications that can't be installed on Android

Do you have problems with android apps that can't be installed? Just follow how to solve this uninstalled app on Android. (100% Works)

Applications are a necessity to make smartphone performance optimal.

To get the application, you can download it on the Google Play Store. If you download it on the Play Store you will be free from viruses.

But have you ever experienced that the application cannot be installed on Android?

Take it easy, this time Jaka will give 5 ways to solve android apps that can't be installed. Let's just take a look at the following review.

How to Overcome Android Applications That Can't Be Installed

1. Delete unused apps

If you no longer use the app on your android, then you can delete it. Let your smartphone's performance be more optimal and make RAM lighter.

So your memory capacity increases and you can install other applications.

2. Grant app permission

If you want to install an application that is not from the Google Play Store, then you are required to provide app permission first.

With this, the application can be installed on your smartphone.

3. Clear Google Play Store cache and data

If you always fail to install android apps via the Google Play Store, you can clean up data and cache from Google Play Store which is in app management settings.

However, this will take your account out of the Google Play Store.

4. Clear cache of each app

Clearing the cache of each application will be able to restore the internal memory in order to install the application to be installed to save data.

You can clear cache from Google Chrome, BBM, Line, WhatsApp, or other chat applications. This is because the application will usually spend more RAM and internal memory on your smartphone.

5. Restart your android

If the 4 methods above still don't work, then you can reset your smartphone. With this, your smartphone will look like new again.

However, this will make all the data on your smartphone disappear. So, you better do backups first, guys so that your data is not lost.

Well, that's 5 ways to solve the application can't be installed. Don't panic, guys! You can try the method above so that you can install the application you want. Hope it is useful.

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