7 of the best graffiti apps for android, cool and sophisticated!

Want to make cool and amazing graffiti? Try downloading the best graffiti application for Android below. Fully featured and free!

Nowadays, the art of drawing words with cool and colorful strokes or graffiti is increasingly loved by the public, especially young people.

Usually, you can easily find graffiti on the walls of buildings in urban areas, gangs.

In addition to expressing creativity on building walls, you can also spill all your graffiti ideas through technology.

If you really like to make graffiti, you really have to download the best graffiti application for your smartphone.

Best Graffiti Apps for Android

Currently, there are many useful Android applications that can help you hone your graffiti making skills, gang.

You can also download the application for free through the Google Play Store for you to use on Android devices.

1. Graffiti Creator

The sophistication of this one graffiti application does not need to be doubted, gang. Moreover, there are many features that can maximize the results of your graffiti.

One of the interesting features in Graffiti Creator is the choice of very diverse fonts to create names or other writings.

You also explore with options so many colors to create more beautiful graffiti art.

In addition to these features, this application also allows you to draw graffiti character. Interested, gang?

Download Graffiti Creator here.

2. Graffiti It

With this application, you can make graffiti from character, symbol, or your own drawing freely via simulation.

This application is perfect for those of you who want to practice making graffiti or just want to spill the imagination that has overflowed in your head.

The most interesting feature of this application is that you can edit your own photos and set them as a background for your graffiti.

Download Graffit It here.

3. Graffiti Maker

Want a cooler app? Graffiti Maker is the answer. This powerful Android app allows you to create graffiti professionally.

In addition, you must know that graffiti art is quite complex. Well, in this application, you can make customization further into your work.

This application offers a variety of features to create fonts. Starting from base color, light effect, until shadow, you can create as you like

Download Graffiti Maker here.

4. How to Draw Graffitis

Even though the name is like tutorials for making graffiti, this application turns out to be very useful for creating amazing graffiti writing.

This application for drawing graffiti has many examples of writing that contain information about the level of difficulty when drawing, gang.

Even so, the method of drawing graffiti in this application is very easy to use and also useful for sharpening your skills.

Of course, this application is perfect for those of you who like to make graffiti in the form of text with the support of a variety of fonts.

Download How to Draw Graffitis here.

5. Unlimited Graffiti

This application is indeed very special because because you can make doodles in various places like vandalism that is not commendable.

Eits, but this isn't vandalism in real places, but in the various photos provided in this application.

Starting from trains, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other things in the form of photos and videos you can decorate it with your cool doodles, gang.

Because of the many features offered, don't be surprised if this cool application for Android comes in a jumbo size of around 90 MB.

Download Graffiti Unlimited here.

6. Smoke Graffiti Name Art Maker

If you like to make graffiti based on names, this application is suitable for you because it can be used to create graffiti names on Android.

Even better, Smoke Graffiti Name Art Maker offers more than 40 fonts with more than 300 stickers cool that you create as creatively as possible.

In addition to the large number of cool fonts and stickers, this application is also equipped with various unique effects that make your graffiti even more stunning, gang.

Download Smoke Graffiti Name Art Maker here.

7. Graffiti Creator on Photo Text

This application is one of the most popular applications on Android for editing photos and text into beautiful graffiti.

As the name implies, Graffiti Creator on Photo Text allows you to insert graffiti text into any photo you want.

In addition to having many cool fonts and colors, this application also has features image editing such as shadows and contours. Must try!

Download Graffiti Creator on Photo Text here.

Well, those were the seven best graffiti applications that you can use on your smartphone, gang. Besides being sophisticated, this application can also be downloaded for free.

That way, you can more easily express all the creativity and imagination that is in your mind, as well as hone your skills in making graffiti art.

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