5 Android smartphone screen problems and how to solve them

when your smartphone screen has a problem, immediately find out how to solve a problematic Android smartphone screen

Apart from the battery, the screen is also the most important part of a smartphone. Without a screen, how do you use your smartphone? While so far all smartphones have used touch screens.

So when the smartphone screen has a problem, immediately find out how to solve the problematic Android smartphone screen. This time Jalantikus will provide a powerful way to overcome a problematic Android smartphone screen.

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How to Solve Problematic Android Smartphone Screen

Due to experiencing more frequent contact with users, a lot of problems are experienced by smartphone screens. But don't worry, in addition to knowing the types of smartphone screen problems, JalanTikus also comes with solutions and ways to deal with problematic Android smartphone screens.

1. Ghost Touching

Ghots touching is a condition when the smartphone screen often runs its own commands without being touched, aka the touch response often runs around unclear. Even though it's called ghost touching, but that doesn't mean your smartphone screen is being played by a ghost you know. This happens because of a damaged smartphone LCD or because of an excess electric current.

If it happens occasionally, usually ghost touching is caused by charger damaged (or the voltage is too high). The solution, don't use a charger that is not default. But if it happens often, then this is caused by a damaged smartphone LCD. So, you have to replace it immediately.

2. Dead Pixel

Just like his name, dead pixels can be interpreted as the death of pixels on the screen. As a result, there are parts of the smartphone screen that do not light up normally, resulting in pale or even black spots. The part of the screen that has dead pixels can spread wider and make the screen unusable.

If you start to find signs of dead pixels on your Android smartphone screen, immediately fix the dead pixels with the application Pixel Fixer. This application will run a dynamic light spectrum to stimulate the screen to respond to all the colors presented. Not only color, this lighting design is also claimed to be able to restore the sensitivity of the smartphone screen to touch you know!


3. Berets

This is the most common smartphone screen problem experienced by many users. Because you often keep your smartphone in your pocket or bag carelessly, your smartphone screen becomes scratched by keys, coins or other rough objects.

Relax, there are many ways to overcome your Android smartphone screen, you can do to make the scratched smartphone screen smooth again. One that is believed to be effective is to use toothpaste. Yes, in addition to preventing bad breath and cavities, rubbing toothpaste on a scratched smartphone screen can also make it smooth again!


4. Flickering

Flickering is a condition when the smartphone screen is hit by a line that moves from top to bottom or sideways. This is very annoying and confusing. Solutions to solve frequent smartphone screen problems flicker is to avoid excessive light and heat. Pay attention too brightness on smartphones.

Flickering can also be caused by apps. Just delete the apps that you think are causing the flicker, usually camera apps and games that need the feature Auto Brightness. Sometimes flickering also occurs after installing custom ROM, so stay back to stock ROMs only.

5. Insensitive Screen

Unlike the case ghost touching, sometimes the smartphone screen also loses its sensitivity. This is usually caused by overheating. So the solution is easy, turn off the smartphone screen for a while, then turn it on again. For maximum, wait for the surface of the smartphone to cool down before turning it back on.

Now you know how to fix a problematic Android smartphone screen, right? Have you ever experienced one of the 5 smartphone problems above? If so, what solution did you come up with? Share dong with JalanTikus.

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