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7 ways to fix an android phone that won't turn on

How to fix an Android cellphone that won't turn on can be done yourself before taking it to a service center. Here's how to fix it!

One of the damages that may be experienced by an Android cellphone is that it cannot turn on. Then, how to fix an Android phone that won't turn on?

To find out, of course you have to know the cause first.

Continuous use of cellphones, for example to play the best Android games, can shorten the life of cellphones. Especially now that we do more activities at home, surely the use of cellphones will increase.

If the damage is severe, the Android phone might experience problems such as hang, restart alone, or even completely dead.

But before you rush off to service center, try to check how to fix an Android phone that won't turn on below this. Who knows the damage can still be repaired by yourself.

Causes and how to fix an Android phone that won't turn on

Have you ever been working on something on your cellphone, but suddenly your cellphone turned off by itself? Maybe you are wondering the cause of the HP turning itself off even though the battery is full.

You've been looking for a way to deal with a dead cellphone on its own, but still a Samsung cellphone can't turn on? Or maybe you are experiencing this problem on another brand of Android phone?

Calm down, gang! Before you find out how to solve a cellphone that won't turn on, try to check a few reasons why HP suddenly turns off and can't be turned on again as Jaka will explain below.

Causes Android Phone Can't Turn On

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There are several reasons why the cellphone can't turn on and respond, including when it's charging. Usually this is caused by a problem with the system (software) or on component (hardware).

If you have tried various ways to turn on an Android phone without a button, power but the HP still won't turn on, there could be a problem as follows.

  • _Bug_ on the system. An unstable system can cause the cellphone to not turn on and only vibrate when trying to activate.

  • HP is too old. This usually happens to HP with a usage period of more than 2 years.

  • HP is too hot. Prolonged use will usually cause the device to overheat. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately apply a way to overcome the heat quickly.

  • HP screen is damaged.

  • There was a problem with integrated circuit (IC) power HP.

  • The cellphone has been dropped or exposed to water, resulting in a short circuit.

Those are some of the reasons why Android phones won't turn on. Overcoming the problem must be adjusted to the cause.

As a reference, you can follow how to fix an Android cellphone that won't turn on below.

How to fix an Android phone that won't turn on

Even though you've used the best Android phone this year, that doesn't mean you won't have a total shutdown problem on your smartphone.

If the way to charge HP has been wrong all this time, then any cellphone as expensive and sophisticated as anything can be damaged, gang.

Therefore, come on, know how to solve a totally dead HP can't be charged through the explanation below.

1. Try Charging for a Few Minutes

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If you are still using an old Android phone with a small battery capacity, the battery will run out quickly. If it is so, then the smartphone will not turn on. The solution, try it charge the battery for 10-15 minutes and restart the smartphone.

If the cellphone can't be charged, then the first possibility is charger having damaged. Try using charger another and see if the battery charge indicator appears.

The second possibility is that the battery is completely discharged, so it takes a long time to start charging the battery, even hours.

Therefore, do not disconnect the cable charger during the charging process and wait for the indicator charging.

2. Press and Hold Power Button

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The second way is by pressing and holding the button power for one minute.

Usually this method is quite effective on Android phones with buttons powerit is damaged, so it takes pressure to turn on the smartphone.

If it still doesn't work, try pressing and holding the button power for one minute while charging the battery. Next, see if the Android phone can turn on or not.

3. Remove the Android cellphone battery

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Most Android phones currently use a built-in battery. But, for those of you who are still using an old model cellphone, you can try how to fix an Android cellphone that won't turn on by removing the battery.

After that, leave the battery for a few minutes, then plug it back into the smartphone, and press the button power.

The purpose of removing the battery is cut off electricity to the smartphone. Who knows the next Android phone that can't turn on can come back to life.

4. Replace with Another Battery

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Have you tried how to fix an Android cellphone that won't turn on by removing the battery but it hasn't worked? If so, try replacing your battery with another battery, gang.

It also serves to determine whether the damage comes from charger port. If it turns out that the cellphone can turn on when using another battery, then it's most likely damage comes from charger port.

The second possibility is HP battery is damaged. Therefore, you need to replace it with a new battery. Make sure to buy the original, yes, gang.

5. Re-Flash Android Phone

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For those of you who don't know, flashing or also called flash is the process of reinstalling the Android operating system to return to the way it was.

Usually this is done with a specific program, such as Odin, Flashtool, or Miflash.

The more powerful way to flash a cellphone is actually using a PC or laptop, but you can also do it without the two devices, gang, so it's more practical.

Well, if you experience an incident where your Samsung cellphone can't turn on, you can try how to flash a Samsung cellphone. This step is also a solution for the HP to suddenly die completely and cannot be charged with the planting battery.

6. Dry and clean the cellphone if it is exposed to water

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How to fix an Android cellphone that can't turn on because of water can be done with wiping body HP uses cloth. After that, try put it in the rice and wait 2 to 3 days.

Apparently, this method has proven to be effective for drying the remaining water in the HP components, you know. After it's completely dry, try to see if the Android phone can turn on again.

However, if it turns out to be already corroded, usually motherboard HP must be replaced. Well, the way to do it is to bring it to service center.

7. Go to Service Center

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If all the ways to fix an Android cellphone that won't turn on above still don't work, then the last thing you can do is go to a service center.

Make sure that you come to service center official according to the HP brand you are using. For example, you can visit service center official Samsung if using a Samsung cellphone.

This is to avoid HP components being replaced with KW or fake ones, so that the quality of the Android phone you use is guaranteed.

You can also check Samsung's warranty first. Who knows the warranty period is still valid, so you don't have to pay a service fee.

That's how to fix an Android cellphone that won't turn on and some things that might be the cause.

Try to follow the methods above and don't panic when you experience this, gang. Hopefully after that your HP can return to function normally.

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