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7 anime about the best detectives that you must watch, make you think hard!

Apart from Detective Conan, it turns out that there are still many of the best detective anime that present enigmatic stories that make the audience curious to death.

Watching anime is one of the activities to fill spare time. Watching your favorite anime can also keep you from feeling bored.

Anime is categorized by different genres. But, if you like shows that contain puzzles, you must try detective anime.

Detective Conan is one of the most phenomenal detective anime. But besides the anime, there are also other titles that are no less exciting.

Anime about the Best Detectives

Detective anime is indeed inseparable from a storyline that can make the audience curious about the continuation.

As a result, the audience will be immersed in the story and keep watching again and again until one by one the cases find a bright spot.

Curious what are the best detective anime to date? Check out the full review below, gang!

1. Detective Conan

You must have guessed that Detective Conan would be on the list of the best detective anime, right? It's only natural because this anime is really phenomenal.

Detective Conan is an anime that was produced since 1996 and is still a much-loved detective story.

The best mystery anime tells the figure of Shinichi Kudo, a student with the ability to solve complex cases like a detective, gang.

But because he was caught being a witness to a crime case, he was made a guinea pig to make a his body is shrinking like a 7 year old.

To cover up his identity, he changed his name to Edogawa Conan and started solving complicated cases with his friends.

2. Death Note

Just like Detective Conan, Death Note is also the most popular anime to date thanks to the quality of the story that does not disappoint.

This anime tells the story of a young genius named Light Yagami who finds a book called Death Note.

Anime characters who are not interested in this love can manipulating death someone by writing the name and time of the incident in the book.

Since then, he used the Death Note to rid the world of criminals and decided to become God with the book.

The crime rate has decreased and everyone calls her Kira even though no one knows about Light Yagami's identity.

3. Magic Kaito

The anime, which is continuous with Detective Conan, tells the story of Kaito Kuroba, the son of the world famous magician, Touichi Kuroba.

One day, Kaito finds a hidden passage in his house and a piece of clothing that may have been the cause of his father's death eight years ago.

By wearing the clothes he accidentally found, Kaito tries to find out more about his father.

Armed with his clone doll, disguise, and a card-shaped gun, Kaito sets out to uncover the truth behind father's death.

4. Psycho Pass

As the title implies, this anime does carry the theme of psychopaths and murder, gangs.

This anime about advanced technology is set in the year 2113. One of the technologies at that time was Sibyl System.

The system can measure a person's mentality so that it can prevent and punish people who will commit crimes.

But as it turned out, there was something suspicious about the Sibyl System so those who knew it began to investigate and found something odd.

In addition to a slick storyline, the depiction of the main characters is guaranteed to be very solid. Must watch!

5. Boku dake ga Inai Machi

In terms of storyline, this anime can't be doubted. Besides being full of puzzles, this anime is also one of the saddest anime.

This anime tells about a man named Satoru who has the ability to return to the past or revival.

He often uses his abilities for good. But, one day he used it wrong and got his mother killed.

Then, Satoru uses revival to return to his past, to the time he was still in middle school, the gang.

After that, he begins to realize that his mother's death has a common thread with the kidnapping case of his middle school friend.

6. Hyouka

Although the theme is about children in school, the main character in Hyouka is a student who is very genius in solving complicated cases.

Houtarou Oreki is the main character with a cool and reliable problem-solving instinct like a professional detective.

Once upon a time, he met a beautiful girl named Chitanda Eru who was full of curiosity about everything.

Their meeting also makes many new things in Oreki's life who is always reluctant to do things that he thinks are not important.

The anime story with the most popular genre is even more interesting when he is required to solve a case that occurred 45 years ago.

7. Gosick

Gosick is one of the romance-themed anime combined with the best detective anime-style puzzles.

This anime tells of a Japanese girl who goes to school in Europe named Victorique de Blois, and a young man named Kujo Kazuya.

In addition to presenting serious cases such as detectives, this anime also tells about supernatural things such as ghosts, demons, and the like.

What was quite surprising was that Victorique de Blois turned out to be a 75 year old detective, gang.

Those were the seven best detective anime that can make you think hard to solve a number of cases in each episode.

In addition to complicated puzzles, the anime was also colored with other themes which made it even more fun to watch.

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