how to read BBM messages without giving a read sign to the sender

As a BBM user, do you know what D and R mean in messages? Well, this time Jaka wants to tell you how to read BBM messages without giving a "read" sign.

If you are a user BlackBerry Messenger, definitely know the meaning of the check mark, D, and R on the message? Yep, BBM provides this feature to make it easier for users. "D" represent "Delivered" alias sent, "R" represent "Read" which indicates the message has been read by the recipient. Well, this time Jaka wants to tell you how read BBM messages without marking "read" to the sender.

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There must be times when you want to read a BBM message from someone, but don't want him to know that you've read it. Usually, you just want to know what information is there, but you don't want to continue to chat further. Jaka has an easy trick, here. No hassle, no cost, no fuel settings, and no application any. Here are the steps.

Read BBM Messages Without Giving a "Read" Mark

  • When a message from your friend appears, just open your BBM application. Then open the tab chat.
  • This is the secret. Turn off your internet connection first. So that notifications don't appear to your friends that you have read their BBM messages. To make it easy, just go to Airplane Mode alias Airplane Mode.
  • Now you can read incoming messages from your friends. When you have finished reading it, close the page again chat-his.
  • Just restart your internet.

  • On page chat BBM your friend, the status will definitely stay "D".

It turns out that it's easy to read BBM messages without giving the sender a "read" sign? In essence, the message status on your friend's BBM will not change to "R" as long as you don't open the page chatit is connected to the internet. You can use this method if you are resentful or lazy to serve your friends chat, but afraid of missing important information that may be conveyed. Well, if you have a more practical way, please write it in the column comments below yes!

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