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how to get rid of spyware, adware and popup ads on computer

A common sign that you are infected with Adware is usually when browsing there are advertisements that continue to be seen or seem to stick in the browser even though you have scrolled all the way down. Here's how to get rid of the adware.

Adware is one of the viruses that is quite annoying and annoying because when adware successful in infecting our device, advertisements will appear everywhere which is of course often referred to as an advertising virus. Adware usually occurs due to several factors such as when install software or when installing extensions in the browser. The difficulty adware it is deleted is not easily detected by antivirus in general so it requires software special or tools special to detect to delete adware or this advertising virus. How to remove adware on laptops is also sought after by many people. The ads displayed are also not only attached, but sometimes in the form of pop-up ads so that many browser users are looking for ways to remove automatic popups on their browsers, PCs or laptops.

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A common sign that you infected with adware Usually when browsing there are ads that continue to be seen or seem to stick in the browser even though it's already done scroll until it runs out to the bottom. Here's how to remove adware on a laptop that you can also apply on a PC.

How to Remove Adware

  1. use AdwCleaner, you can download AdwCleaner at JalanTikus.

  2. Install AdwCleaner as usual, select I Agree.

  3. Wait a few moments until the download process is complete. Run AdwCleaner then select Scan.

  4. Close all applications that are currently in use. A list will appear registry, delete the ones you think you don't use with the button Cleaning.

  5. When finished, the computer will restart then when re-entering the desktop, a report on the results of the Adware cleaning carried out by will appear AdwCleaner.

You can also use this method as a way to remove automatic popups from your browser. Now your PC is free from adware, if you think you are infected with an advertising virus alias adware and anyone who finds it difficult to follow the steps above, please comment below.

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