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how to exchange bonstri points easily & latest 2020

You really need to know how to exchange BonsTri points to get free quota, gang. Want to know how? Here's how to exchange the latest Tri points 2020!

Have BonsTri poin points abundant but don't know how to exchange it? Well, what a shame, gang!

For those of you who don't know, BonsTri itself is a program where the organizer, namely the Tri provider, offers several services bonus points for customers, gang.

If you have accumulated a certain amount of points, then you can exchange them for various attractive offers. Including one of the 3 call packages.

Well, for those of you who already have a lot of BonsTri points and want to exchange them, in this article Jaka will tell you how to exchange Tri points easily.

Curious to know how? Come on, see the full article below, gang!

How to Get and Redeem the Latest BonsTri Points 2020

Just like Telkomsel which offers the Telkomsel POIN program, Tri also has a similar program titled BonsTri points.

For those of you who are quite active in making transactions on the Bima Tri application, aka Bima+, it's really a shame if the BonsTri points exchange program is just passed up?

Well, therefore, it's better to just look at Jaka's review about how to exchange Tri points more details below.

How to Get BonsTri Points

The number of SIM card providers offered in the market, makes telecommunications companies create innovations to make their customers not run away to other operators.

Provider Tri itself offers special programs to its customers through BonsTri points which you can exchange for various attractive vouchers such as internet quota, free access to movie streaming sites, and others.

You can get BonsTri points yourself by making top-up transactions or data quota packages such as KenDo Tri with a value of minimum IDR 5,000, gang.

Later, the number of points you get will be adjusted to the customer rank you achieved in the BonsTri program, such as Classic, Super, Master, and Legend.

For more details, you can refer to the following Tri-point customer ranking table:

Customer RatingBonsTri Poin Points
Classic1 point per multiple of IDR 1,000
Super1.2 Points per multiple of IDR 1,000
Master1.4 Points per multiple of IDR 1,000
Legend1.6 Points per multiple of IDR 1,000

How to Exchange Tri Points (BonsTri) Easily

It's a shame, yes, if your BonsTri points are allowed to pile up just like that, gang. In fact, you can exchange the collected points to buy Tri internet quota, you know.

Now, instead of being left alone, let's exchange the BonsTri points through the following steps, gang.

Step 1 - Download the Bima+ app

  • To be able to exchange BonsTri points, first you download the application Bima+. If you don't have it, you can download it via the download button below.
Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD
  • You can also use this application to check the list of cheap Tri internet packages.

  • If it has been successfully installed, you open the application to proceed to the next step on how to exchange BonsTri points.

Step 2 - Login Bima+

  • When you first open this application, the user is required to login to the Bima+ account first using your Tri card phone number, gang.

  • First of all you enter Tri's phone number to the column that has been provided then select right arrow icon.

  • After that Tri will send the authentication code, then enter code it to the column that is already available. Then, select the 'Login' button.

Step 3 - Select the BonsTri . option

  • For how to exchange the collected BonsTri points, first of all you select option BonsTri on the main page of the Bima+ application.

  • After that, you will be taken to the BonsTri page. On this page, you can see the ranking and the number of BonsTri points that have been collected, gang.

Step 4 - Select the 'Exchange Point' menu

  • Next step, you select the 'Exchange Point menu to exchange points for various attractive offers.

  • You can also filter the type of voucher you want by selecting the menu dropdown or directly enter the name of the voucher into the search field, gang.

Photo source: JalanTikus (The number of BonsTri points for exchanging quotas or other vouchers varies).

Step 5 - Choose a voucher

  • Furthermore, select the voucher that you will exchange for BonsTri points. For example, here Jaka will show you how to exchange Tri points with data quota.

  • After that, select the box that says the number of points to buy vouchers, gang. Then, an approval pop-up notification will appear. Then, you select the 'Redeem Point' button.

Photo source: JalanTikus (Above is the steps for exchanging Tri points with 2020 data quota).
  • If the voucher purchase by exchanging BonsTri points is successful, a successful notification will appear as follows. Then, select 'OK' button.

Step 6 - Select the 'My Voucher' menu

  • To use the voucher that you bought earlier, how to enter the menu 'My Voucher', after that select 'Use' button.

  • Next, a notification will appear pop-up approval, you select 'Use' button. Then, select 'OK' button.

Photo source: JalanTikus (You can exchange unlimited BonsTri points as long as you have a sufficient number of points).
  • At this stage, later you will receive an SMS from the Tri provider stating that the internet quota voucher is active.

  • Furthermore, when you check the Tri quota, the quota that was purchased will appear as in the following example image, gang.

You have finished the steps for exchanging BonsTri points that you have to do! Very easy, right?

For those of you who are looking for how to exchange Tri points with electricity tokens or how to exchange Tri points with pulse 2020Unfortunately, the BonsTri points program does not provide rewards this one, gang.

So, it's better for you to exchange with options rewards other no less interesting, yes!

Oh yes, as long as the 3 (Tri) points you have are still sufficient to be exchanged, you can also do the BonsTri exchange method continuously, you know.

So, that was how to easily exchange BonsTri points on the Bima+ application, gang. Easy, right, how?

That way, now your BonsTri points won't pile up in vain anymore. You can exchange it for a variety of attractive vouchers that have been provided.

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