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this is how to check the original / fake xiaomi cellphone so as not to be deceived

Before you buy a Xiaomi cellphone, it's a good idea to check its authenticity. Here's a complete guide on how to easily check a genuine or fake Xiaomi cellphone.

Have you checked the authenticity of your Xiaomi cellphone?

Before buying a Xiaomi product that is sold by a non-official distributor or second, you have to know the cellphone is really genuine or fake.

The way to find out the authenticity of a Xiaomi cellphone is quite easy, you can apply 3 ways to check the authenticity of the following Xiaomi cellphone. This method can be done with all Xiaomi HP series.

Let's see the full method below!

How to Check Xiaomi HP

The method that Jaka mentions below is the most trusted and official way provided for every Xiaomi cellphone viarian. So you don't have to worry about this method will actually damage your HP.

Here are 2 more ways:

IMEI Number Verification

How to check the first Xiaomi cellphone is to do IMEI number verification which is on every Xiaomi HP product. The IMEI number of each product will be different, the IMEI can be used to find out whether your cellphone is officially purchased from Xiaomi International or not.

The way to find out your IMEI number is also quite easy, you can find it in the product box or on the sticker on the back of the cellphone when you first buy it.

You can also see how to find out your IMEI number through the following Jaka article:


If you have found the IMEI number, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Go to official Xiaomi verification site here. Copy and paste IMEI number to column and click Verify, as shown below.

Step 2 - Results will appear on your screen like this if your Xiaomi cellphone is an official product.

Easy isn't it? If you get the same results as Jaka, the product you buy is an official product from Xiaomi. If you are still not sure, you can verify security code as follows.

Security Code Verification

Next is how to check Xiaomi cellphones by doing verify the authenticity of the product with security code contained in each product. Security code found in every Xiaomi product, whether it's a cellphone, power bank, or other electronic device.

Here is a short way to verify security code Your Xiaomi phone:

Step 1 - Find security code Xiaomi products, usually located in the product box.

Step 2 - Go to official Xiaomi verification site here. Copy and paste numbers security code to column on the site. Click Verify

Step 3 - You will receive information about the authenticity of the product.

You will receive information that your cellphone is an official Xiaomi product, and there will be information on what product you are verifying.

If in IMEI and security code If you are registered, then your cellphone is guaranteed to be an official product. Buy a cellphone at the official store so you don't get fake products, you can see the official Xiaomi cellphone price list here:


That's how to check your Xiaomi cellphone is original or fake easily. Apply this method in every purchase of Xiaomi goods outside the official or second seller, guys.

Don't be fooled by fake stuff, don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column. See you in the next article guys!

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