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how to make moving emoji on whatsapp android

By doing the following tips and tricks, you can find out how to make emoji move on WhatsApp on an Android phone and make chatting more fun!

WhatsApp which is also one of the most popular chat applications around the world holds many tips and tricks that you may not know.

One of them is to create and send moving emojis on WhatsApp. Curious how?

This time Jaka will review how to make WhatsApp emoji move more. Come on!

Collection of How to Make WhatsApp Moving Emojis on Android Phones!

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Later if you already know the steps to make emoji move on WhatsApp, you can chat more fun with your crush, work friends and family. guys.

There is also you can do these two ways to make the WhatsApp emoji move. Please read both below first.

1. How to Make a Moving Heart Emoji on WhatsApp

First you can make moving heart emoji on WhatsApp with a few easy and practical steps. Here is a review of the steps:

  • Step - 1: First you open the chat page, both private and group. Just like sending a regular emoji, you stay tapemoji icon next to the message field.
  • Step - 2: You will be given various emojis from various categories. To get a heart emoji, all you have to do is select tab which is next to the flag icon.
  • Step - 3: Next, just choose red heart emoji which is in the first row. To see the results, all you have to do is send the WhatsApp message. Look at the results!
  • Notes: To get this WhatsApp moving emoji, red heart emoji must be sent in separate chat and not included in a series of sentences. Only the red emoji have animation, the rest don't.

2. How to Create Moving Emojis on WhatsApp via GIF

Then you can also use the WhatsApp GIF feature to send interesting animations into the chat. This animation can also move, so you can choose as you like!

  • Step - 1: Same as the previous method, tap emoji icon next to send message field. The difference here is that you switch to the GIF feature with tapGIF icon which is on the bottom row guys.
  • Step - 2: Here you will be given a large selection of interesting animated GIFs that you can use. To select a moving emoji animation, tap icon Search on the bottom left.
  • Step - 3: Well here you just enter the search word "emoticon" or more specifically like "sad emojis" or "happy emojis". The search feature will automatically provide a selection of the appropriate animated GIFs and select one.
  • Step - 4: Then you will be given preview animated GIF display to be sent. You can also add information. Last time you stayed tap icon Send and the emoji will automatically be sent to the WhatsApp chat.

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So that's how to create and send moving WhatsApp emojis on Android smartphones. Well, it's very easy and easy to practice, right?

If you have other WhatsApp tips and tricks, don't hesitate to do it share in the comments column yes!

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