The 7 best missions in gta 5 that you must try, guaranteed to be excited!

GTA 5 has lots of fun activities but this game also has lots of exciting missions, gang. Here, ApkVenue wants to share the 7 best missions in GTA 5.

Gang, don't you guys often play games? open world, instead of completing the mission or quest, even fad back and forth here and there?

Jaka is also very often distracted in games like that, because there must be many interesting things that can be done.

This happens very often when Jaka plays Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5 5), because if you look at the map and see an area that Jaka doesn't know, Jaka must be curious.

Not only introducing violence, it turns out that there are many interesting missions in GTA 5 that are too bad to miss, either because of their uniqueness or because they are really excited.

7 Best Missions in GTA 5

San Andreas which is the background of the game GTA 5 is not a boring place, gang, because there are many side activities that we can do.

It's good, gang, because you can do whatever you want. But from Jaka's experience, the most excited moments are in the mission.

For example, there are missions where you have to use a plane to hijack other planes and there are also missions with talking dogs.

Those are the two true missions in GTA 5, gang! Curious? So, just read on 7 best missions in GTA 5 according to Jaka!

1. Father/Son

Father/Son is one of the early missions in GTA 5 and one of the first moments in GTA 5 where Jaka starts issuing animal names.

This mission features a duet between Michael and Franklin where the two of them are tasked with rescuing Franklin's son, Jimmy, from several boat thieves.

In this mission, Michael is in charge of controlling the car so Franklin can jump into a boat that is being transported by a truck on the highway.

The most exciting moment occurred when Jimmy was holding on to the mast on the highway and Michael had to position the car right under Jimmy.

2. Caida Libre

Now, Caida Libre this is the beginning of a series of epic missions in GTA 5, gang, and this mission also contains some exciting moments.

This mission is a duet between Michael and Trevor where Michael is tasked with shooting down one plane while Trevor chases the plane.

As Trevor, you use a motorbike to catch a plane that has crashed through the mountains and some Stunt Jump.

The sight of smoke from the plane falling above during the chase gave this mission a very epic impression according to Jaka.

3. Deep Inside

Right after Caida Libre is a mission Deep Inside where do you use Franklin to steal a car from a filming session.

In terms of excitement, Deep Inside isn't as crazy as Caida Libre, but there are a few moments here that manage to make Jaka laugh out loud.

The car used here is a parody of the car James Bond and full of weird gadgets and magic bin weapons.

Jaka doesn't want spoilers There are many, but one of the gadgets in the car is used to get rid of passengers from the car which is sure to make you laugh out loud!

4. Minor Turbulence

After Deep Inside, you will arrive at Minor Turbulence, a mission that has a level of excitement on par with the movie Fast & Furious.

Here, you take on the role of Trevor whose job is to hijack a cargo plane that is in the air.

To reach the plane, you use a propeller plane and wait until the cargo door of your target plane opens.

Without thinking, you are instructed to crash your plane into the cargo plane.

The excitement doesn't end there, gang, because to escape from the plane, you have to jump in using the Jeep on the plane. It's really fun!

5. The Paleto Score

The Paleto Score is one of the missions heist contained in this game, but the theft is not like in the Ocean's film series, gang!

The theft here is brutal and explosive where Trevor wearing a set body armor and minigun to fight the police.

But, finally our three characters are confronted by several tanks which ultimately require you to escape.

For those of you whose favorite activity in GTA 5 is causing chaos, this mission could be your favorite mission.

6. The Big Score

Well, for those of you who want to feel like a crew like in the movie Ocean's, mission heist this can definitely make you satisfied, gang.

In The Big Score, you are given the choice to use the approach subtle or obvious. Jaka himself prefers the subtle, gang.

No matter which approach you choose, be prepared to use everything you've learned on this mission.

Here, you are tasked with stealing gold from bank vaults Union Depository and the epic impression of this mission makes it worthy of being the climax of GTA 5.

7. Risk Assessment

Well, this mission is similar to Deep Inside because it has silly elements that are a bit quirky, gang, even though it's not really that exciting.

On a mission Risk Assessment, you play as Franklin and met a dog that somehow could talk.

The dog led Franklin towards Dom who was hanging in the air because his parachute got stuck in a tree.

The funny thing is, after saving Dom, the dog immediately disappeared without a trace and Franklin was invited to parachute with Dom.

Rockstar does often have a rather odd sense of humor and according to Jaka, this mission is a perfect example.

That's it, gang, 7 best missions in GTA 5 according to Jaka. You can replay the missions in GTA 5, gang.

If you are bored with GTA 5, maybe you can try some mods for GTA 5 that can offer new things.

How, gang, agree with Jaka's choice? Or do you guys have other mission recommendations from GTA 5? Share in the comments column, yes, gang!

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