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telkomsel hello kick internet package: latest price list 2019

Here is the price list for the latest January 2019 Halo Kick Internet Package that you can choose to start subscribing.

Are you an old Telkomsel card user?

Do you find it difficult to always buy a new package when the package runs out?

Want to subscribe to postpaid internet but are afraid of being expensive?

Not forever, you know, postpaid internet packages are expensive! One of them Halo Kick! internet package

Indeed, the Halo Kick card internet package does not provide unlimited internet packages

However, how many internet packages from the Halo Kick card are very good? worth it for you to choose.

Here's the full list the newest Halo Kick card pack as of January 2019!

What is the Halo Kick Card Package and what are the advantages?

Halo Kick is an internet package made specifically for Telkomsel postpaid customers (Kartu Halo) and is not available on other Telkomsel starter packs such as Simpati, Kartu As, or LOOP.

Usually, postpaid does not have quota and phone limits, unlike the Halo Kick card package. With this package, you can determine the desired quota yourself, according to your needs and budget.

Another advantage of the Halo Kick card package is that the price is quite affordable. Starting from IDR 100,000 you can already subscribe to this internet package.

Price List for the Latest Halo Kick Card Packages 2019

Halo Card Internet Package Price - HaloKick

If you are a person who likes to stream movies and listen to music, maybe the package HelloKick from Telkomsel is suitable for you.

The reason is, this package offers a large quota for watching movies on Facebook HOOQ and also listen to music on MusicMax.

HaloKick 20GB PackageMain Quota:2GB

IDR 100,000

HaloKick 32GB PackageMain Quota:4GB


HaloKick 70GB PackageMain Quota:10GB

IDR 300,000

HaloKick 140GB PackageMain Quota:20GB


Buy the package here

In addition to internet, the Halo Kick package also adds other benefits in the form of bonuses call and SMS to fellow Telkomsel operators.

Halo Card Internet Package Price - Halo Kick! Double Quota

Hello Kicks! Double Internet Quota provides additional benefits in the form of additional internet quota for all accesses. That means, with just an additional fee of IDR 20,000, your quota will double!

The Double Internet Quota Package is valid for 12 months from the activation of the package.

HaloKick 22GB PackageInternet:2GB


HaloKick 36GB PackageInternet:4GB

IDR 170,000

HaloKick 55GB PackageInternet:10GB

IDR 320,000

HaloKick 140GB PackageInternet:20GB

IDR 570,000

Buy the package here

Well, actually Kartu Halo has other internet packages besides the Kartu Halo Kick Package. For a complete list of what internet packages are available on Telkomsel, please check the article Complete List of Latest Telkomsel Internet Packages 2019

How to Subscribe to Halo Kick Telkomsel Package

Interested in subscribing to the Halo Kick internet package from Telkomsel? Already know how to subscribe to Halo Kick? Check out the guide below.

  • To subscribe to the postpaid Halo Kick! You can register as a new kartuHalo user or migrate from a prepaid Telkomsel/Kartu As/Loop card.

  • To subscribe to the Halo Kick! package, you can visit the nearest Telkomsel GraPARI outlet or call UMB number *111#.

  • Halo Kick Internet Package entertainment quota can only be used to access HOOQ, VIU, and MusicMAX services. Customers can activate HOOQ at UMB 3622*2# (only valid for customers who have never registered for HOOQ).

That was the list of the latest Halo Kick Card packages that you can buy.

How? It turns out that postpaid packages are not always more expensive, right?

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