how to activate safe mode android, what does it do?

The Android operating system also has a Safe Mode feature on its smartphone device. Having a lot of functions, this is how to activate Android Safe Mode.

Android is an operating system created by Andy Rubin which was later taken over by Google. The most popular operating system in the world is also known to be able to be tweaked and changed according to your wishes.

But have you ever felt that the Android smartphone you are using is really slow. To overcome this, you can access this one mode. this is it how to enable Android Safe Mode easily on all smartphones.

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How to Enable Android Safe Mode

What are the Safe Mode Features on Android Smartphones?

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The first question, what exactly is this feature? Safe Mode Features on Android smartphones you may have heard before. Well, because you will also find features like this on computers with the Windows operating system.

When you enter Android Safe Mode, the operating system will turn off all non-essential functions of third-party applications and only run the default app just. This clearly can ease the work of smartphones, right?

Obviously, the Android Safe Mode feature will make it easier for you to find out various smartphone problems. Starting from wasteful battery, quickly heats up or feels sluggish. So how do you access it? Read on for the sequel!

How to Enable Safe Mode on Stock Android

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If you have a smartphone that carries a display Stock Android such as Google Pixel, Nexus and so on can use the method below. This method also applies to LG and Sony smartphones, guys.

  • First press and hold Power button. Next, the option to restart and power off the smartphone will appear.
  • Tap and hold option Power off until the display appears pop-upReboot to safe mode. Select OK to continue the process.
  • The smartphone will automatically restart and enter Safe Mode. The sign is that you will find the Safe Mode watermark in the lower left corner of the screen.

How to Enable Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy

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To access on the device Samsung Galaxy somewhat different from most smartphones. This method also applies to some HTC and Motorola smartphones.

  • First press and hold Power button. Next select the option Power off to turn off the smartphone.
  • Turn it back on by pressing and holding the Power button until the _bootin_g logo appears. Then release the Power button, then immediately press and hold Volume Down button.
  • Hold until the smartphone is completely turned on. Just like the previous method, a Safe Mode watermark will appear in the lower left corner when the smartphone is used.

How to Disable Android Safe Mode on All Smartphones

To disable the Safe Mode feature on all devices you can do it easily and quickly.

  • You just press and hold Power button until the option to Restart or Power off appears.
  • Choose an option Restart and the smartphone will turn on again to its original state.

So that's how to quickly and easily activate Safe Mode Android on all Android smartphones. In addition to being quite easy to access, this feature also has many features that are quite useful. Good luck guys!

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